Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Sun, the Moon, and Everything in Between

I shot this photo of Portland Head Light just before nightfall with the sun setting (in a spectacular blaze of orange) behind me.  The colors here in Casco Bay are beautiful any time of year, but there's something special about a late winter sky.  If you can stand the tear-inducing wind long enough to get one semi-decent photo, then you are rewarded with remarkable, watercolor blues and pinks.

Two years ago I lived for a few months on an island just across the bay from this famous lighthouse.  Here in the city tonight, as I looked up at the star-pricked sky and the waxing crescent moon, I recalled how much more connected to the sun and moon and stars I felt on the island.  I woke every single day with the sun and I watched it set nearly every evening.  The ocean waves were just a few yards (on stormy days just a few feet) from my front door, and I walked the road that ringed the island rain or shine, telling time by the rise and fall of the tides.  Whenever I'm back there to visit with friends or even stay a night or two, I feel my heart slow down to an even rhythm.  Life's purpose and my place within it become clear when I look to the sun and moon to keep my pace.    


  1. What a beautiful photograph Gigi and, funnily enough, as we were walking to a restaurant through Cambridge yesterday, I took a similar photograph of a beautiful pink/blue sky over King's College.
    Cambridge is looking beautiful too are going to love it and, it's not a very long train ride from London.
    Have a wonderful weekend Gigi. XXXX

  2. Exquisite, my dear! Your words evoked thoughts of Mary Oliver and the rhythm of the natural world that she depicts so well. Amazing sky in your photograph!

  3. LOVELY tribute to a favorite place, Gigi... and VERY easy to see why you love it so. :o) Many thanks for your uplifting and comforting message at my place...thankfully spring is around the corner! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  4. It makes my blood pressure lower just looking at it Gigi, I can just imagine how it feels to be there. I alwyas try to watch the sunsets...........they too lower everything. Happy weekend. XO

  5. You know, I still dream of seeing it for myself.

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    I agree,

    "Life's purpose and my place within it become clear when I look to the sun and moon to keep my pace."

    and would only add the ocean to that equation. It's all here, in this beautiful picture, this beautiful place.

    Thanks for bring us closer to it.

  7. Beautiful! I often dream of living a life paced by the sun and the moon. How wonderful to have had that time spent on the island.


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