Monday, April 2, 2012

Street Shots

What I take away from every journey, more than all the requisite tourist sights I visit, are unexpected moments, chance encounters, and second looks at things that could be easily missed--but shouldn't be.  So, along with shots of cathedrals (like the one above of Southwark Cathedral) and castles, my scrapbooks contain street art, alleyways, signs, and strangers I meet for a brief but memorable moment.    

On a wall near Columbia Road

In the window of one of the many bookshops on Cecil Court

Near Brick Lane Market--I loved her spirit!

An alley in the West End

Street art near Brick Lane

I've shared photos of this same building with you before.  I am just drawn to it!

There is so much interesting street art near Brick Lane!

Fab boots in a shop window on Columbia Road

Buddha in the window above Neal's Yard

Fox door knocker on Columbia Road

Mr. Magpie and graffiti

Gorgeously redone facades

Those blossoms were clinging to the trees outside the John Keats House in Hampstead.  I'll have more to say about Keats very soon.  In the meantime, I'm dreaming about doorways and alleyways and streets I've yet to wander.  London has me thinking about the next journey I'd like to take.  How about you?  Any plans for travel?  Where does your heart long to lead you?


  1. My heart wants to travel to London and the outskirts and Barcelona! Your photos are just beautiful. My fave thing about traveling is seeing the everyday life and like you meeting wonderful people along the way.

  2. LOVE these street scenes, Gigi... each image a work of art, street art! :o) We'll be heading to Vienna the end of April--very excited! It's an anniversary year for the artist Klimt, and I can't wait to see all his gold up close! I long to travel to India...maybe that's next year. ;o) Happy Dreaming...((HUGS))

  3. Oh Gigi it is so long since we last spoke but I have to say I want the boots and I adore seeing the world through your eyes and your voice!
    I still visit often I am just not so verbose!!!!!

  4. I did enjoy all these pics of London, place of my birth.

    I have the same fox door knocker.

    Keats house interests me - have you seen the film Bright Star? It is so beautiful visually.

  5. Love your photos and always drawn to graffiti. Great photo of Mr. Magpie.

  6. Dear Gigi,
    Your photographs are brilliant .... a wonderful and realistic view of London.....such a melting pot.
    The house in Princelet Street with the shutters is one of my favourites .... they do a lot of filming there for period dramas.
    Looking forward to your post on Hampstead ! XXXX

  7. My heart wants me to go to Scotland - and sit on the moors on a windy day. It will happen some day, but not for a while... in the meanwhile, it's a good dream.
    I love the pictures you have shared with us, but I think the one of the books in the window is my favourite. It looks like a place to get lost in, lost in a comfy chair...

  8. Gigi, I totally agree about the street shots, such fun! I thought my favorite was Buddha in the window but then got to Mr. Magpie and the blossoms and the door ~ all are terrific!

  9. These are the best kind of photos in my opinion! The unexpected finds and nooks and crannies. These are the things that you can't buy a postcard of!

    I received your beautiful photo of flowers and lovely note in the mail:) Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


  10. Gigi, such great photos. I love the window of the book store and all the alleys and doors. I visited Keats' house a long time ago. I can't wait to see what you have to say about Keats. I want to go to the Scottish Highlands next, with a stop in London of course!
    I received your lovely photo in the mail. Thank you so much!


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