Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Whites

Heavenly White
The Old South Church, Windsor, Vermont
Country White
The farmhouse on the salt marsh next to Farnham's Famous Clams 
in Essex, MA  (They are famous for a reason!)
Window White
Desmond McCarthy once wrote that a bohemian is someone 
who uses a toothbrush to hold a window open.  
I wonder what he'd think of the old corbel I use to keep mine propped up.
"Vintage" (aka "Distressed" or "Formerly"White 

Ironstone White
It's not summer without this classic!
Dreamy White

My Favorite White
This sign is at Benson's in Boxford, MA.  
Todd likes the coffee brownie chunk. 
 I heart the coffee ice cream--
the best since the coffee at Hallett's Drugstore when I was a kid.
Happy first weekend of summer, everyone!


  1. All your whites are beautiful, beautiful. I love the whimsical, happy variety of your whites. This has left me feeling so inspired. Thank you.

  2. How refreshing! This makes me want to look around for whites as well. There's been far too much gray lately.

    I must say I'm really intrigued by the industrial view from your window. I have a real soft spot for old factories.

  3. Oh, you'd love my street then! It's all old factories, some, like mine, repurposed, and others completely derelict. I love it, so it's nice to find someone else with a similar soft spot!

  4. I could live in that farmhouse on the marsh. That's exactly the sort of place I would love to spend some time in.

  5. I'll take any one of those flavors there at the bottom! ;o) Love these summery whites...oh, so fine! Happy Summer Days :o)

  6. Such a dreamy, summertime post! I'll take a scoop of the coffee ice cream too! yum!

    And I believe you would be considered a brilliant bohemian in regards to your window propper.

  7. these whites are so lovely. frozen pudding? oh yes, im all over that.
    ; )
    i love this post.

  8. It's crazy how many shades of white there are! I love all of these. (I heart coffee ice cream, too.)

  9. i have to say that i am so much a white girl ... ALL the whites! such wonderful images ... really favouring your 'window white' ... something intriguing about looking out to see ... but also really like the ice cream slats ... and sticking true to my love of white, i do sincerely love vanilla best ...
    thank you so much gigi ~ i love your blog ~


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