Friday, June 26, 2009

Window Lust

Our 15-year anniversary is coming up next month, and it has me thinking the strangest thoughts about weddings and flowers (maybe that explains the roses and stock from earlier this week) and cakes and favors.  Today I was stopped in my tracks while walking down Newbury Street in Boston.  The window at L'Elite had amazing bridesmaid dresses, one in robin's egg-blue chiffon and the other in this glorious shade of peacock blue-green, which I am calling "Marlowe" in honor of my girlfriend who is in love with this color right now.  I'm in lust with it myself.  I had fun taking the shot above, letting the bridesmaid take all the glory while the bride faded into the reflection of the sky in the window.  

L'Elite is having a sale right now.  Wedding anyone?


  1. What a great shot! It's surreal. And I'm amazed, too, by how you see things that I never would see--and I was right there, too, next to you, looking seemingly at the same thing! Congratulations, warmest congratulations to the bridesmaid, whose dress is much finer than the bride's own. Weddings and flowers and cakes and favors sound pretty good to me. Anniversaries sound even better.

  2. Anniversaries sound even better to me, too. You're the best.
    xoxoxo G

  3. That first shot is so interesting - the angles and the negative space, the bride as pale as the sky behind her...
    And that color...oh! I love it! It's like a dragonfly.

  4. We eloped, and I've never regretted it. However, I do love these dresses and always look for a reason to wear something pretty!

    Any plans for the upcoming anniversary?

  5. Having lived in Boston many moons ago and loved it all, including Newbury Street... I am feeling a bit nostalgic at your post.....the dress is amazing....and yes, we have a wedding today! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind word...I am glad you did as now I am here and love your most interesting, artistic and lovely blog....I will follow and look forward to more!
    Take care, Laura

  6. Yes, a dragonfly--that's it!
    I think eloping is just about the most romantic way to get married I can imagine, Melissa! We are going to be on a plane to London on our anniversary. Can't think of a better way to spend it. Todd has to go for work/research, and I have to go because, well, I always have to go to London!
    Thanks for your wonderful message, Laura. I hope you'll be posting photos of the wedding!!!

  7. The bride looks like a ghost! Very surreal- and stunning photos. That dress is lovely!

  8. The detail and craftsmanship is amazing!

  9. I love this! Wow! This is quite a capture.
    15 years? Beautiful!

  10. Heavens, that dress reminded me of my long ago modeling days when I wore one just like it... So weird! I'm going to have to dig out the print...


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