Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspiration: Halloween

I love Halloween--just love it.  Below are a few of the spooky treats that are making me feel especially witchy, wicked, and wild this year:

Fondant Pumpkin on a Cupcake 

Acorn Sideshow Girl Necklace 

Hallowe'en Haunted House

Cool Little Clay Pumpkin from Pumpkin Hollow

Gorgeous Papier Mache Sculptures from Johanna Parker Design

Powerful Potions from Arana Muerta

Free Downloadable Toe Tag Invitations 


  1. ...That does it...I'm getting out my box of Halloween decorations today...:) The photo of that cupcake is to die for!

    ps...if anyone can tell me what I need to do to get my profile image to show up I would appreciate it...It shows up on my Blogger and my Google profile pages but doesn't seem to make it to some comment this one...not that it is anything special but it is annoying that I can't figure it out:)

  2. BOO!

    ok ... so there's no scaring you today ... i can tell!

    thanks for all the fun links to all places frightening ... ewww, especially the potion place ... there's something in that snake skin oil bottle ... ewww!

    now, how am i going to sleep tonight ...

    prairiegirl xoxo

  3. Love that cute little cupcake. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  4. Oh Gigi, the cupcake is fantastic and I love a good potion.I used to make witchy potions for all the children out of coffee dregs, tomato sauce, fizzy drink, cigarette ash and weird things floating in it and I would drink some and they all thought it was brilliant.!!!! I usually felt a bit sick afterwards !!!! XXXX

  5. My mouth is watering for a cupcake now, and then I need to grab some of those fun little potions! First time ever I have been excited about Halloween - maybe it's the crumb working her magic!?!?

  6. I've never been a halloween person, but having a two-year-old has inspired me! Those potions, in particular, spark my imagination. I also loooove the toe-tag party invite. Hee!

  7. Oh Gigi that acorn sideshow girl necklace is pretty fabulous! Halloween is my dad's birthday and my family is all flying out to the desert to celebrate and I might just have to use those toe tag invites- thanks for sharing!


  8. Gigi-such cute things. It seems for every blog I read, I find links to several more sites I want to check out. I love Halloween too.


  9. The snake oil & toe-tag are my faves...
    I'm quite morbid like that! boo*
    Lovely evening to you Gigi~

  10. That Jackie is some silly!!!!lol
    I'm a huge fan of Halloween too. I guess more since I met my husband who's a big kid at heart and enjoys scaring everyone. I love it because you can use your imagination to be anything you want!

  11. Wonderful choices here! Halloween is just so much fun, isn't it?! Even Edward likes it. No doubt he thinks all those trick or treaters are coming just to see him! And maybe, they are!!

  12. Hi!
    I met my husband in Halloween so I love it too!


  13. Awesome finds! Love the family pics, sounds wonderful, especially the lobsters and smores:)

  14. thanks for the tag and I will be visit some links you have given !
    Love Rini

  15. Spooktacular goodies...I just LOVE Halloween! Have a BOO-teful weekend, Gigi ;o) ((HUGS))

  16. These are wonderful, but oh...that cupcake!!
    I have a thing for cupcakes.

  17. That toe tag is hilarious. Thank you so much for sharing it.


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