Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hearts and Food and Love

Okay, I told you I am a sucker for Valentine's Day.  Last night I made a heart bunting with paper doilies and some lovely sequined, pink yarn that I crocheted into a chain.  I pinned it up over the bed with silver map pins, and it is pretty glorious in a homemade Valentine-y way.
I have started making a menu for Valentine's dinner.  I'll share it later in the week, along with a recipe or two.  I'll likely make salmon carpaccio with watercress tossed in olive oil, garlic, and lemon on top of a bed of orzo.  Oh, and homemade bread to sop up the dressing.  For an appetizer, I'm thinking red peppadews (because they look like little hearts), stuffed with Neal's Yard Dairy stilton.

Dessert will be a surprise.  I'll share that recipe, too.  It will most certainly involve chocolate.  In my heart and mind, chocolate=love.


  1. Ooo honey, be my Valentines for that dinner...and dessert, yummy!

    I love your bunting, the hearts are gorgeous and so is the sequined chain.


  2. I do like how you make the most of Valentine's day, Gigi, and in such a personal non-commercial way. You've inspired me to make some such effort too, for once, and I'll gather my cookery books now. My husband will probably wish to call on you to thank you effusively.

  3. Gigi!
    I am completely in awe of every. single. one of your talents! Oh the sweet dreams you and your beau must have with those romantic hearts floating above your heads....
    I'll be happily waiting for more love fest posts....

  4. Thanks, DJ, Mise, and Mel! Love makes the world go round . . . and so do you. xo

  5. AWwwwwww! How sweet! I've always been a bit of a V-day grinch, but you're inspiring me to do something creative. I love your candles, btw! Can't do that with a two-year-old, unfortunately...or at least not with MY two year old in the house ;)

  6. Oh, Gigi....the hearts look so wonderful and your menu sounds absolutely delicious! Will you be my valentine...haha..! :)

    I am having an early Valentine with Alex, as I am going up north to vist my mom while she is still in California.

    Have a fabulous evening, my wonderfully creative friend! You are fabulous! xxoo

  7. Neal's Yard Dairy..well that got my attention..love it....

    can't wait to hear all about the menu..

    and you have inspired me my friend...that heart garland is beyond adorable....

    thanks for sharing..

    sending love,
    oh..and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header..wonderful

  8. Dear Gigi,
    You old romantic , you !!
    Can I come over and play gooseberry ? It sounds so delicious....I won't get in the way, I promise !!!! haha.
    Sounds as if you will have a wonderful Valentines Day. XXXX

  9. GiGi,

    We are all waiting, No invites yet??.
    I am sure it will be a super supper!
    Happy Valentines to you and yours.


  10. hi gigi
    someday when i have a valentine, i think i will be super romantic too. i love it

  11. love it....i always love chocolate and cherries together

  12. Chocolate=Love...I think so too! Chocolate and Valentine's Day is one of life's perfect pairings! I'm in the midst of planning our weekend menu too, and there will be chocolate, which I'll share about too. ;o) tee-hee... I just LOVE Valentine's Day. Your heart bunting is so very sweet, Gigi...*SWOON*... Have fun making ready for LOVE DAY ((HUGS))

  13. Such lovely bunting! :) I made some too, with pink string and newspaper.
    Looking forward to your Valentine's menu. I love how you are embracing this romantic holiday with open arms and enthusiasm!

  14. Gigi, I have been spreading word of your lovely blog this morning, look here: http://tinatarnoff.typepad.com/thought_patterns/2010/02/i-kept-looking-at-the-photos-of-this-house-------wandering-who-it-belongs-too-this-house-has-character-and-finally.html

    Also, since I had a little down time at work this month, I put a lot of Valentine's Day ideas on the work blog (in fact I've made a bigger deal out of it than I did Christmas, oops!) Check them out here:

  15. Gigi I'm wondering if I couldn't sneak in there with Jackie just to catch a glimpse and a whiff of the lovely dinner you're making. LOVE your valentine's bunting... I shall be finishing off my 'wooden heart' tomorrow...

  16. Isn't it the best little holiday? I have been making a few special Valentines-and I love what you did over your bed-very romantic. I will anxiously await your dinner menu. I know there will be red velvet cupcakes here-the rest of the meal is in the planning stages.

  17. Oh, just gorgeous. These are perfect.

    And dinner sounds divine! C x

  18. I can't wait to read your Valentine's day menu. I just know it will be divine! XO

  19. Hi Gigi, What a nice surprise to see you had stopped by and left such lovely comments!
    Oh, your menu sounds wonderful! Am wondering what your surprise dessert will be...how I love chocolate! Love the heart bunting!

  20. Seek-No-Further...don't you love it? when i saw that..i knew it was for me....

    and i got some really good apples off that little tree last fall......

    if the house was on fire...i'd be out digging up that tree!

    more later, my friend


  21. Oh my! I want to eat at your house. Have I said that already?


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