Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Crushes: Love Poems

Well, of course.  But I always love love poems, so this is an easy one for me.  Thought I'd share a favorite with you to share as you will.  

Sending big love and thanks to you this Valentine's Day, my sweets!


My mind's a map. A mad sea-captain drew it
Under a flowing moon until he knew it;
Winds with brass trumpets, puffy-cheeked as jugs,
And states bright-patterned like Arabian rugs.
"Here there be tygers."Here we buried Jim."
Here is the strait where eyeless fishes swim
About their buried idol, drowned so cold
He weeps away his eyes in salt and gold.
A country like the dark side of the moon,
A cider-apple country, harsh and boon,
A country savage as a chestnut-rind,
A land of hungry sorcerers.
Your mind?

Your mind is water through an April night,
A cherry-branch, plume-feathery with its white,
A lavender as fragrant as your words,
A room where Peace and Honor talk like birds,
Sewing bright coins upon the tragic cloth
Of heavy Fate, and Mockery, like a moth,
Flutters and beats about those lovely things.
You are the soul, enchanted with its wings,
The single voice that raises up the dead
To shake the pride of angels.
I have said.

~Stephen Vincent Benet


  1. The image - gorgeous!
    The poem has many images dancing in my mind.

  2. I am so looking forward to springtime, and the cherry blossoms... Thanks for sharing this poem, it was so visually exciting.


  3. The cherry blossoms, so pretty and full of promise... great photo to go along with such a thought provoking poem, lovely.

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

    A new poem. A new poet. A new love to explore.



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