Sunday, February 3, 2013

February: A Month of Crushes

I brought this lovely little orchid home from Trader Joe's, placed it on my wooden living room floor in a ray of sunlight, and snapped a shot of it with my cell phone.  Then a quick process through Instagram, and this was the result.  They are such breathtaking flowers, and very inexpensive these days.  Plus, they bloom for ages and ages.  What's not to adore?

Orchids--just one of my current loves.  

Something shifts inside me in February.  I start developing crushes--not just on people, but on foods and places and other inspiring gems.  Is it that Valentine's Day is on its way?  I've never cared much about that holiday, but I do love good dark chocolate . . . and flowers . . . and romantic gestures.  Maybe it's the combination of lengthening days, the promise of spring, even as temperatures here in Maine linger in the teens, and we all turn up our collars, hunch into the wind, and brace ourselves for several more weeks of chill and snow and sleet . . . and then slush . . . and mud.  Sigh.  Yes, I think I fall in love in February simply because I need to.  These little obsessions will carry me through to spring.  And because I adore you, too, I thought I'd share a few crushes throughout the month.  Keep checking back in the days to come for little flashes of February love.  xo Gigi


  1. Hi Gigi,
    I love February for the 1st of the month is my birthday and I love snowdrops and snow and cold crisp days. Your orchid is beautiful ...... my current flower crush are Helibores .... I had them all over the house over Christmas and they are now going in the garden.
    My husband has always said that Valentines Day is for unrrequited love and that ours is requited !!!! haha.
    Enjoy February and your beautiful orchid. XXXX

  2. I have orchid too Gigi and I am quite proud of myself for keeping them alive! They are gorgeous and bring a burst of pink to my kitchen..........and that is always a good thing. Enjoy February. xx

  3. I am feeling the same as you this year and I ususally hate February. Someone told me about hardy orchids ? - I had not heard of them. Your orchid is beautiful.

  4. Gigi, you summed up Feburary perfectly! I'm always happy when it arrives and get a rush of pleasure, now I know it's just because I need to!
    Thanks for the pretty flowers.

  5. happy sigh
    over the beauty
    of this fresh simple pink.
    glad thanks,

  6. That is such a good description of February, the idea of little crushes, and I totally think it helps carry us through until spring. So what has caught my eye so far? I've whooshed a little wash-in / wash out hair dye through my hair to give it a little spring livener. I'm made a promise to myself to actually do some exercise. I'm working out a little bit of research for my novel - which will be a bit of a London explore - as I'm looking for a real Victorian something that might not be easy to find. ;)

  7. I have shared the first signs of Spring on my blog this week.
    I am growing to love orchid's and your photo is gorgeous.
    February does begin to give hope of the Spring to come.

  8. As soon as this storm is over I just may have to go to Trader Joe's! What a fantastic iphone pic!

  9. I adore your February crush idea. And this image. My oh my!! When you open your Etsy shop, this should be the first set of cards you have printed.


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