Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunlight & Shadows

The Calm Before the Rush on Portobello Road

Morning Sunlight Streaming into Winchester Cathedral

Midday Sun Through the Clerestory Windows at Bath Abbey

Late Afternoon at Regents Park
A special installation called "Treegents Park" included a giant swing, super-sized hammock, and various tree houses and forts for kids of all ages.  We checked it out after paddling around the duck pond.  Positively dreamy.

Sunset at Russell Square
We like to stay in Bloomsbury when we visit London (big surprise), and it's always a relief after emerging from the Tube at the end of the day, a bit grubby and worse for wear, to rest our poor feet at one of the benches around the fountain in Russell Square.  An excellent people-watching spot.

Spider Web on a Grape Arbor at The Real Eating Company in Lewes

Late Afternoon on London's South Bank

Sunset on the South Bank
There are so many stories in this picture.  I'll definitely use this one as a writing prompt for my creative writing students!

I know, I know, we don't think of sunshine and England mixing all that much, but in two and a half weeks, we had about two hours of rain!  Most summer visits to London I end up wearing a jacket and wellies, but this was strictly sandal and sunglasses weather.  Today it is raining where I live, which I like, too, but it's lovely to think back on all that London sun!


  1. Oh Gigi!

    I want to jump on a plane this very moment and head straight to "Treegents Park"! What a brilliant concept!

    Gorgeous photos, and lucky you to have a sunshine filled London stay!


  2. It is so wonderful to see bits and pieces of your vacation. I really, really, really want to go to "Treegents Park." I want to have enough time - all day - so that I can spend time in every swing, every hammock, and still have time to explore every fort and treehouse with Sloane. How lovely!

    And those windows in Bath!!!!

  3. Oo honey loved this post. Am so wanting to be there. Isn't the orange set in #1 so cute!

    You know that sunset at South Bank does indeed have the potential for a lot of stories, really love it! So much going on there.

    Thank you so much for your comment, pleased you liked the song too!

  4. Looks like you & Todd were blessed with lovely sunny days while on your trip. England can surprise in that way, and when it does it's glorious! Splendid moments captures here, Gigi... I am missing the grace of Bath Abbey and walks along the Thames...*SWOON*...Thanks for taking me back, even if just in word and photograph. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  5. Never having been to London, I now crave a trip there after seeing your bright light infused photos. Your trip sounds perfect, I'm so glad I popped in here. One more for the bucket list. :)
    Have a beautiful day, Gigi!

  6. Loving that giant swing... How fun & romantic! x

  7. Lovely photos of one of my favourite places! Leigh

  8. Think I missed a step just a moment ago when leaving a comment..I was just saying that I am enjoying you sharing your trip to London with us very much indeed...and how lucky were you with the weather?? No sunshine worth speaking of in Dublin this summer - boo!

  9. Beautiful pictures!! The Bath Abbey one is beautiful.

  10. Love the photos! That one of the swing on the river is my favorite. :)

  11. I love how you caught the light in each of these photos Gigi...from the orange and contrasting dark shadows of the first pic to the sunset silhouette in the last...Loved seeing your trip through your eyes too... So glad you got good weather:)

  12. this sun is warming my heart! stunning photos! oh yes, they are.


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