Monday, August 31, 2009

What to Take to an Island

I mentioned in my Charleston Farmhouse post that this fall my life would be taking some creative turns.  The first one happens tomorrow when we leave for a very special place.  My husband and I will be living on the island for four months while we work on some writing projects. Will I miss teaching this semester?  Actually, yes, I will miss it a teeny bit because I love it, but I have never had such a long stretch of time to focus on my writing.  I'm also looking forward to hiking or biking every morning, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, and sitting (bundled up as we head into the later months) on the deck with a cup of (decaf) Earl Grey, the salt marsh on one side of me, and the sea on the other.  Today we are just packing, packing, packing, and finishing up last-minute chores.  Oh man, I have that slightly panicked but also happy feeling inside.  You know the one that makes you feel like you need to run to the bathroom every five minutes?  Thank God I quit caffeine!  
What to take?  It's not a desert island.  Lots of people live there year round, and it has a grocery store, a post office, a coffee shop, even a small library.  Still, it's an island, and we won't be taking the car back and forth to Portland on the ferry oodles of times.  Plus, we don't plan to come back to our house here in Massachusetts very often--maybe a couple of times.  My priorities: the cats (of course), a few special food staples, lotions & potions & first aid supplies, clothing, bicycles, and last but not least--books and writing supplies (including laptops, so I've got loads of music, too!).  The binoculars and bird books are in the car.  Cameras go with me everywhere anyway.  If you were going, what would you bring?   
Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments in response to my London posts.  I have only been blogging for six months, so I am still constantly amazed by what an incredibly creative, funny, smart, and supportive community of people I have met in the blog world.  I had no idea when I started just how much writing posts and reading other people's blogs would enrich my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my little blogging heart.

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  1. What an exciting adventure!! If I were going I would definitely bring my camera, laptop, espresso pot, alot of books to read, my favorite movies to watch, hiking boots, warm clothes, music, favorite foods and goodies to eat, bubble bath and candles.

  2. Yes! I just threw in bubble bath, so thanks for reminding me. We have an old clawfoot tub there to soak in! I have tucked in candles wherever they'll fit, too! xo

  3. oh gigi, you lucky girl! ... what an incredible adventure you are about to embark on ... truly a dream come true for you and your husband! the cottage where you will be staying looks perfect ~ imagine the sunlight and moonlight streaming in ...
    what would i take, given this opportunity? i would take a heavy wool sweater for walking the beach in the wind ... our duvet for snuggling ... french press for coffee ~ and the grinder ... wine ... cheese ... pasta ... granola ... movies ... sketchbook and pencils ... tea ... camera ... stamps cuz i would try hard to use this time for actually writing letters ~ that would be heartwarming for me to do ... and maybe learn to knit ... for sure, my harp ... and no clocks ...
    still trying to put together the words to comment on your 'charleston' posting ~ something about that place and your words were unbelievably touching ...
    warmest wishes to you both on your island sojourn ~

  4. Prairiegirl, you make me melt. You really do. You just listed all the very things I've been packing--art and craft supplies and delicious food. Oh, I wish I could play the harp! I am going to bring lots of yarn for crocheting afghans, though.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful comments and for putting so much thought into your gorgeous blog. It is always a treat to visit you there. xoxo G

  5. oh ... right back to you my friend! i truly feel warm and safe somehow visiting your blog ~ you are so genuine ... thank you for being you and for your kind words always ...
    you know ... you could play the harp or any instrument you desire ~ always keep that tucked within you ... as it is in all of us to create music!
    oh! i wanted to tell you ... that my harp teacher actually takes knitting with her when she performs with the symphony ... something to create and keep her hands busy while she waits ...
    so ... i have the harp ... and you have the knitting ... and i think we both could do the other! life is so exciting!
    xoxo to you ~

  6. Gigi,

    I'm so excited for you! What a great escape! I would definitely pack my olive oil - ha! And I wouldn't forget my favorite sweater, candles, and body balm!

    And yes, how I often wish we lived closer because I know we would definitely 'cook up a storm' together!

    Wishing you and your love an incredible island stay! Happy writing!


  7. This is a fantasy of mine. Wow! Having never lived anywhere it really gets cold, I have no advice to offer but enjoy!

    My closest friends/neighbors are "eloping" to Maine in about 3 weeks. Knowing almost no one but a business acquaintance, they will stand at the edge of the ocean and say I do. It all sounds so wonderful, their adventure and your adventure. I must mark Maine down as a place to get to know.

    Have fun!!

  8. Am sending you through the blogosphere my warmest wishes for your great adventure!


    PS thanks so much for stopping by & I look forward to *seeing* you again in the future! x

  9. Oh Gigi, I'm trying not to sound envious ... that sounds TOTALLY wonderful. You could write some musing on the whole experience. Just think of all the time you will have, gosh. Think I'm sounding a bit excited here, I'm rambling, good luck with the packing and know you will enjoy every moment, so wonderful.


  10. Quite the life you have! :) Travel, writing, studying... sounds like my dream. Hope you get to produce some good writing. Novel? Blog? Hope we get to see some samples! Or wait to see your name in print :)

  11. Everyone seems to be saying this is a wonderful adventure...and so it is. You are so fortunate to get the opportunity to do this and wise to know that life is too short to hesitate...Lucky you!

    As for what I would take..I think it has all been mentioned...books, camera, laptop, binoculars, bird books, wine, coffee...and my own pillow of course...

  12. What a great and exciting time for you. Thanks so much for stopping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. xx

  13. Sounds like such a fabulous opportunity.... I am very jealous ! x

  14. What a dream come true...So happy for you Gigi that you & Todd have this amazing opportunity to really sink into the creative life and dwell in it. You will have online access on this Island, right? ;o) LOL! I hope this season and time away to work and creative is a rich one for. Drink in every moment. Look forward to news when you can be here again. Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  15. Thanks for your great comments, everyone! This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances that we couldn't let pass us by. It took a lot of finagling and extra work to make it happen, but now that it's here--yippee! I will, indeed, have internet access, so I'll be posting about our adventures there and keeping up on everyone else's, too!! xo

  16. Just thought of one more thing I would take...we always take this on vacations although we don't always use it...a cribbage board with a pack of cards...good for a four month tournament:)

  17. This sounds absolutely fabulous, like heaven, really, the ocean and writing at the turn of the season...ahhh! Can't wait to read your posts from the island. You'll have internet, right??!

    Oh, and I'd bring a Moleskine, good black drawing pen, and one of those adorable mini stacking watercolor paint sets!

  18. Yes, Oliag, it's so funny that you mentioned the cribbage board because I realized on the way up that we'd forgotten ours, so I ran into Target and bought a cribbage board and Boggle. Then, when we were sitting down to relax last night, I checked my blog comments and giggled when I read yours. We think alike!

    I do have internet, m. heart. You and I think alike, too, because I brought a Moleskin, some drawing pens and pencils, and my watercolor pencils.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, Elise.

  19. Oh, Gigi! I am so very excited for you and this wonderful opportunity. May it be more than you have dreamed of.

    As to what to take, one of the first things I would do would be forward my mail so i didn't miss my magazines. (More like double buy them)If I packed as usual, I would take way too many books, too much stationary, not enough pens or journals, and too little snackage. One more thing. Be sure to take a vase or a jelly jar so you can put flowers on the table or windowsill as soon as you arrive. That way, you'll feel at home first thing.

    Have fun!! I'll be thinking of you.

  20. Gigi...third time lucky...I keep losing my comment on this one!! Anyway, I just wanted to say how fantastic this is! I am so excited for you and of course, completely jealous! I see have much to read in your following posts and am looking forward so much to reading along on your adventure! This is the stuff that my dreams are made of!!

  21. just stumbled across your's lovely!!! i'm in MA also :)


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