Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dill & the Violet

This afternoon, as I was watering the plants and feeling a bit down--maybe even a bit sorry for myself after a tough week--a blossom fell from the African violet.  It was so lovely that I floated it in a dish of water and set the dish on the widow sill to catch the late afternoon sun.  
Of course, like many of you, my friends, 
I couldn't resist photographing it.    
Suddenly, I realized that I wasn't alone.
Someone else had come to investigate . . .
. . . and a day that had been more than a little blue was suddenly 
much, much better.


  1. As soon as I saw that cat's face I smiled too!...Thanks Gigi! Hope the rest of your weekend is fun:)

  2. Gigi,

    Isn't it amazing how our little furry friends can make everything seem okay again?

    Sorry it has been a blue week, and I'm still thinking constantly about the tragic story you shared. Any updates?

    Wishing you happier days ahead...


  3. Thanks so much, Oliag and Melissa! No updates, Melissa. I haven't had a chance to return yet to the meadow, and there have been no updates on the internet yet. I'm hoping they were able to capture the bird finally so they can help him. Fingers crossed!

  4. I adore cat's paws, just love them. What a lovely shot you managed to get of them. I love the shot of your cat staring intently at the flower too.

    I really hope things pick up honey, and that this week will be so much better :)


  5. So sweeet...I feel like squeezing the paws!
    Hope next week will be a much better, I have the feeling it will for all of us yay*


  6. Oh....oh....that last photo is has me near tears it's sooo sweet! Look at that soft nose and tender violet...*sigh*...So glad you shared this with us--wouldn't want to have missed it! :o) Happy Day, Gigi ((HUGS))

  7. Dear Gigi!

    What wonderful photos - animals have such a knack of making us feel better. Hope this next week will be much better for you too.

    xxxLOL LOLA:) btw you're most welcome to join us at our Awards party over at my place - copious champagne as a pick-me-up + great company too... xx

  8. That is THE BEST. :) You cat looks like my little Sage except she is a charcoal tuxedo. Always so curious... it's amazing how they can cheer you up. Hope you feel better :)

  9. Awwww. Such sweet and gentle little cat paws.

  10. DJA: I adore cat paws, too! Thanks for your kind words.
    Lenore: Thanks, sweetie. I think you're probably right.
    Tracy: You're a peach. I couldn't believe it when he just poked his little nose right into the shot I was trying to take.
    Lola: Thanks, honey! Man, you sure know how to live. Think I'll come over for a glass of champagne later today!
    Colette: You are so right. They do have tremendous power to cheer us up.
    m. heart: I know you're a cat person, too, from the wonderful photos on your blog! Cat paws make me melt.
    Jonathan: You know we'll never get him to take it off. He loves the attention.
    Kellie: Yes! That curiosity may be the thing I love most about cats.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, everybody!

  11. Lovely photos. The post about the goose is so sad and unfortunate. It is maddening that someone would do such a thing! The quote is one to remember.

  12. Sweetheart, I didn't think it could get any better than the african violet, falling in the water.
    The last photo, with his little cute mug in the pic, is so breathtaking. I don't ever want to for get that pic.
    I heart you!

  13. Ha! How I miss having cats around...beautiful series of photos by the way.

  14. Gigi
    So sorry you are feeling down.
    Allow it, and in time you will find your way back up.

  15. I just wrote a comment about how much I love these pictures, but the computer ate it. I especially love the tiny cat face. It literally made me gasp. I don't think I've ever seen a cat photo I like more. I hope this week is so much better for you.

  16. Lovely pictures Gigi, hope you are feeling better. My dog, Lola is just as inquisitive, however her heavy handed (or pawed) approach rarely leaves delicate things intact! She would probably have had to have a taste as well, just in case.
    Kim xx

  17. Hi Gigi,
    This is just the best photo essay ... Dill is absolutely adorable and sweet (though he may not have been the sweetest with Scout)! She is adjusting well--more purrs than hisses, now. My bed is her new home, and I've already experienced the paper tearing phenomenon.


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