Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back at the Brick Store

Yesterday I posted about the objects we treasure, which got me to thinking about a recent visit to my mum's antiques shop, The Brick Store, on Front Street in Bath, Maine.

She and her partners, Barbara and Jan (who is also Mum's sister), and their other antiques dealer friends who sell in the shop find the prettiest antiques and collectibles.  I always discover something I must have when I'm there.

On my last visit, this clock was one of my favorites, but I have to tell you that I also got a big kick from these "jewel"-encrusted vintage pet collars below!

From the graceful

to the nostalgic

to the beautifully practical (ironstone's my absolute favorite)

and the stunningly elegant (Tiffany bamboo flatware in sterling), their shop is just the best.  I think some of these gorgeous pieces have sold since I was last there, but they always have new and enticing items.  I just found an amazing little objet for a sweet friend for Christmas.  I can barely stand keeping it secret until then.  In fact, I'll probably break down before then.

Here's Polly (my mum), Jan, and Barbara at the shop.  They are the friendliest and funniest gals around.  There's never a dull moment when you visit Brick Store Antiques.  On an average day, about half the town stops in for a chat.  Their shop epitomizes what's best about shopping locally at funky places with pretty windows, creaky wooden floors, and friendly shopkeepers who love their work and know their merchandise.  At Christmas I stay as far away from shopping malls as I can.  Instead, I seek stores like my mum's, where the little bell rings as you walk in the door, there's a bowl of butterscotch candy on the counter, and the owners remember you from one visit to the next.  


  1. I love your new header - it's gorgeous! Your mom's shop sounds & looks wonderful! Those are the types of stores that I too love to shop in. Have a fabulous weekend, Gigi! xxoo

  2. Lucky you! To have such treasures at your disposal must be wonderful. I have a scandalous love affair with chocolate, coffee, and antiques, that must be assuaged regularly.
    And the new header is just beautiful.

  3. Your Mum's shop sounds great! I love the sound of it-so homely and cosy and friendly. If I lived there I would probably be in every Saturday! I would definitely have bought those spoons-gorgeous!

  4. Good morning, sweet Gigi! Now I have at least had a virtual visit to your mum's shop! You know, I might need to turn this bit of bad news I've had into a prescription for regular visits to inspirational places like the Brick Store. Want to come along!?
    Enjoy this lovely day.

  5. What a delightful surprise to see our shop on your blog this morning.....and yes, Marlowe, please do come for a real visit. I always love to see you!
    Dear, Gigi, I will be seeing you soon.
    Hugs Mum

  6. The new header looks great...almost didn't recognize you:)

    I love stores like your mum's. I like it when the owner actually talks to me and suggests thing they know I'll like.(Love that Tiffany flatware)

  7. Oh Gigi.....your header is out of this world. It's just so beautiful, but then again, so was the old one.
    I love the white ironstone jugs ...just gorgeous.
    Your mum's shop is delightful....and her two partners. What lovely ladies. I wish that I could come and visit their shop. A little far for me, here in the U.K. Never mind, maybe Gigi, you could take us on another visit one day soon. XXXX

  8. Gigi,

    I'm trying to fit into that window in your new gorgeous header so that I can have a sip of tea with you! The trio of ladies is so sweet - don't you just LOVE supporting the small businesses! Brings such joy to my days - far surpasses ANY trip to the red-circles around my eyes light enducing malls!
    Happy weekend to you!

  9. Gigi, pronounced *Jige* ;)
    Oh your banners have me at hello everytime. xo
    Wish I were closer, I'd pop in and buy a treasure a day from Polly and the gals...I love butterscotch too...:)

  10. a beautiful shop i would love to visit.

    love the new blog header

  11. Those Tiffany bamboo spoons are so lovely! Would love to pop by your mom's shop. Love the name of your blog by the way.

  12. Hello agian Gigi,
    Hope your weekend turned out good, and thank you so much for your nice comments on my last posts.

    Your mum and her friends sounds great and so does their shop! I love those small independent shops instead of the big chains and malls, and in the future I have a dream about starting my own shop. I would love if it became a place where people stopped by just to say hello on a Saturday...

    PS. Nice new header, by the way!

  13. I hear you! I stay away from those crazy malls too! Some beautiful things you have found.

  14. I so wish I could shop there with you. I also wish I had a complete set of that bamboo sterling. Oh my.

  15. This is exactly the kind of place I love to shop in...another place to visit on my summer trip to Maine too:) My sister used to be a part owner of an antiques shop and it remains a wonderful, fond memory altho she had to eventually get a job she could support three kids with:)

  16. Hi Gigi! Nice to meet you, I popped over from your comment at Brabourne Farm! Happy to find you and especially this post. We are new to NE (2 years in January)and we love, love, love Maine!! In fact just this morning I was trying to come up with my monthly excuse on why we need to drive over!! We've only made it as far north of Portland to Freeport (our house renovation has limited us to day-trips;), but we are dying to get further north! And your mother's shop is now a "must-see" for me! A couple of days ago when my husband asked if I wanted to go anywhere over Xmas, my immediate thought was "Maine"!! So maybe we'll take some days and get up there!

  17. so funny to run across this post. I shop here 1 or 2 times every summer as we head up the Maine coast from Rockport, Ma A lovely store, I purchased some really beautiful old silver here. Nancy


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