Friday, December 18, 2009

Bittersweet Perfection

This is our last weekend on the island,
and the amaryllis I planted a few weeks ago has opened
just in time for us to enjoy it here.

As I photographed it this afternoon there was quite a bit of curiosity.
Everyone came to see just what exactly this strange thing is.
How could I explain that I am just as mystified by it as they are?
One plops a bulb into a pot,
places it in the sun,
waters it twice a week . . .

. . . and is rewarded by perfection.
If only everything in life were so pure and simple.

Here's wishing you a happy weekend, my friends.
If you're snowbound, may your hot cocoa be plentiful
and your toes be warm.


  1. Here's sending you love and hugs! Beautiful post and photo,Gigi! Have a lovely weekend full of love and laughter! xxoo

  2. Hi Gigi..loved this so much..and what a darling kitty cat..who is that?

    Stay warm and cozy and enjoy a peaceful weekend before Christmas, my friend...

    Kary and Buddy

  3. Ohhh I absolutely adore these photos. I love how you got the light to shine through them just right. Aww you got a cute lil cat too!! My grandmother has Roseasarion bushes & I just love to look at them when they bloom!!

    Have a safe trip home!

  4. Thanks for the cat compliments! There's actually two different black and white kitties in those shots. The first shot is Scout (female) and the second one down is Dill (male).

  5. I've stumbled upon your blog and enjoy your posts so much!
    You have a beautiful gift with words and capture the flavor of Maine!
    Best of luck on your move off island...I also live in Maine and find it difficult to leave, even for a short time!
    Oh, and you have beautiful kitties!

  6. Enjoy your lovely last weekend. May that beautiful amaryllis be an apt metaphor for the next chapter in your life!! A new blossom!

  7. It must be so hard to leave paradise...of course I don't know what you are going back may also be paradise:) The flower is beautiful.


  8. Simply beautiful! The cat and the amaryllis. Have a lovely, cosy last weekend on the island.

  9. hmm, sounds like you are leaving the perfect place. Is this good or bad? Also sounds like you are trying to make some big decisions - be brave I say. That has always been my advice. Do what scares you most, and generally you will find, it wasn't so scary.
    love your winter photo - you should win a prize for that! Oh, always toot your own horn.

  10. Beautiful! I'm still waiting for mine to bloom.

  11. Oh, I love Amarylis, Gigi. They are my favourite Christmas flower. .... and, of course I love your cats, seeing that Scout picked my name when I won your giveaway.
    I hope your getting ready to leave the island isn't too sad for you. XXXX

  12. dear gigi ~
    thank you, oh so much, for sharing your time on the island with us ... it has been such a delight to catch glimpses of your experience through your warm, witty and wise words ... and through your beautiful, captivating images ... you seriously are a truly lovely soul and i believe your life will always be full and rich wherever you may be ...
    i will miss your island as you have so graciously welcomed us there and allowed us to be part of it ... thank you ...
    with love and admiration,
    prairiegirl xo
    ps. your images here are breathtakingly stunning! (as are your images on your flickr stream - you go girl! and isn't it cool that my friend kim has also connected with you? LOVE this world ...)

  13. Brilliant Gigi!
    reminded me of Georgia O'Keefe painting!
    Lovely weekend~

  14. beautiful pics Gigi!
    enjoy your yummy hot cocoa & your weekend ♥

  15. Oh, if only.

    But, thank goodness, there are many pure and simple things to keep us enchanted. ~~*

  16. In case I don't get by here tomorrow, and of course, it is highly unlikely, it being Christmas day and all. I wanted to wish you the happiest, the merriest, the laughingest Christmas you've ever enjoyed. Merry Christmas, my friend.


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