Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cough Drops and Tissues

Lying on the sofa sick with a nasty cold yesterday, I got up to all sorts of tricks:
  • Went through my Christmas hunting/gathering/crafting list and realized once again that I have a much easier time coming up with gifts for females than for males (except Todd--he's easy.  I just find him anything to do with books, fountain pens, coffee, vintage clothing, or moleskin notebooks and he's a happy camper).   
  • Passed the better part of an hour imagining I was poor Robert Louis Stevenson stuck in the nursery with yet another illness.  Those gorgeous poems in A Child's Garden of Verses were the product of Stevenson's lifetime of ailments combined with his own brilliant imagination.  There I was, just like Stevenson, "the giant great and still / That sits upon the pillow-hill, / And sees before him, dale and plain, / The pleasant land of counterpane."
  • Consumed a package and a half of Ricola sugar-free lemon-mint throat drops.
  • Caught up on some of my favorite blogs!
  • Read some of A.S. Byatt's novel The Children's Book.  Delicious.
  • Took random photos of the cottage all from where I sat and/or lay on the sofa.  
  • Stopped taking random photos when all that close inspection made me realize how dusty and cluttered the place is.
  • Drifted in and out of sleep.  The photo in this post is the view I saw above my head upon waking just after sunset.  Nothing like fairy lights to cut through the fog and, in my case, the self-pity of a December cold.  
Thinking of you, my friends, and hoping you are happy and healthy!


  1. Just finished reading The Children's Book this weekend. Loved it! Hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, read, nap, and indulge in yummy warm treats.

  2. Feel better! I love reading when I'm home sick :)

  3. You know, I checked The Children's Book out of the library the day it came in. I read till about page 10 and said to myself..."I have to have this for my very own"... returned it to the library and scurried off to buy it! Marvelous.. I'm so enjoying it.

    So sorry to hear that you are sick with the dreaded Christmas cold!! Sleep is the best cure, my friend!! Sleep and dream!

  4. Cough drops and tissues are the main staple at our house the past few weeks too. Alex is down with the dreaded cold/flu now - so I am his nursemaid! Feel better,dear Gigi....xxoo

    P.S. Fairy lights always put a smile on my face too!! :)

  5. You make being ill sound delightful, Gigi !!
    I love the part about taking photographs and stopped after you realised it was dusty and cluttered. Funny. Sounds like my house.
    I wish you better, Gigi. XXXX

  6. Isn't it just terrible how badly you can feel from a cold. How can something so benign be so horrible. Take care.

  7. GET WELL SOON !!!!

    Sorry you are under the weather.
    drink tea, honey and lots of chicken soup.

  8. O'no...sorry to hear this Gigi!
    I'm not sure if you could get fresh ginger where you live? But sliced fresh ginger about 3" boil w hot water, add 1 tbl spn honey. Drink it(a cup) every 2 hrs... You'll be flushing a lot of toilet water, but this 'drink' works wonder! Get well soon darling!

  9. Get well soon Gigi! Remember to drink lots of warm tea (preferable whith honey) and try look on the bright side: This means that you will be up and running by Christmas!

  10. Thanks for all the get well wishes, friends! Mia Nostalgia is right; a cold now means a healthy Christmas (knock on wood).

  11. Sorry to hear your in the 'fog'! I am also suffering from a nasty cold, and oh how I wish I could stay on the sofa all day, but the little crumb doesn't allow such stationary events!
    I'm goign to take Lenore's advice about the ginger, for it is such a healing aide!

  12. so happy to have come upon your blog...it is lovely! i hope you feel better soon.

  13. Hi Gigi,
    I hope you feel much better soon-though it sounds as if you had a relaxing sick day at least. I love your snowy pictures below-so beautiful. Snow Crows is just magical!

  14. Poor you, but, my, how productive for a period loitering on the sofa feeling poorly. The luxury of these unfocused thinking periods is almost worth a cold. Yes, presents for men are difficult - there's no good male equivalent of candles and confectionery and ribbons, and the things marketed as 'For Him' in the shops are the most awful rubbish. But notebooks, as you suggest, I've found to be a winner. Moleskin has an aura of suitably vintage seriousness and Italian leather shows respect.

  15. sometimes i eat ricola just because i like how they taste.
    be well

  16. Lovely Gigi, hope you feel better soon & thanks for always finding the time to drop by

  17. Gigi,

    Better to get the cold over now, so you will be right for the holidays.

    I just heard about a poem about a little boy (by Robinson Jeffers) which was modeled on Robert Louis Stevenson. Are you familiar with it?

    Good health to you,


  18. Ooooooooh! Poor you! We've had a couple of nasty colds already this winter. That's what a 2-year-old will do to you. Fortunately she makes up for it in sheer joy!

  19. Aww... sniffle, sniffle. Hoping you feel better soon. Hope you received my package. If not it should arrive within the next couple of days. Get better soon!!! Lots of love,


  20. Isn't it amazing what one can actually accomplish when one has a cold?! :o) I'm so sorry your note feeling well though, Gigi... Do be taking good care and do more of that rest-cough-drop-reading things... and get well soon! Oh, must thank you for the lovely sharing & words you left at my place yesterday. The cupcakes are all gone, but the fun's still here! ;o) Oh, I have the A.S. Byatt on my reading list. ((LOVE & HUGS))

  21. Cool photo! Hope you feel better soon!

  22. Hi Gigi..saw you over at Majories Ferry Building post...I love that spot....think we might have a good time in there together...
    So sorry you're not feeling well....

    Take care of that cold....

    Sending get well wishes to you....

    Kary and Buddy

  23. You can even make nursing a cold sound enchanting. I hope you feel better soon! xo, GG

  24. Hey Geeg {Gigi},
    Hope you feel better soon honey! That poetry book was bought for me in 1974 or 75 from my Grandmother, I still have it somewhere, I shall dig it up tonight. It has a deep red hardcover and the pages have yellowed which makes it all the more beautiful. Also my Grandmother inscribed the front page which I just adore when someone gives me a book!!
    Okay feel well soon, lots of lemon drops & rest for you xoxox

  25. What a delicious way to spend a day while nursing a cold...hope you are feeling better soon!

  26. Feel better, my sweet friend.
    I So don't have this book, you speak of. I have to hunt it down ; )
    It sounds wonderful!

  27. I hope you are starting to feel much better now, dear Gigi.
    But it sounds like you know just how to take care of yourself as you drift in and out of the dreamstate.

    Hugs and wellwishes to you.

  28. So glad to know you are feeling better now. Sending you my thoughts and well wishes as you pack up to head back to your "real" life. I'm thinking of you.


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