Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is always with us,
the sound of the ocean waves churning on the rocks in front of the cottage,

but last night, all day today, and even still tonight, it is thunderous.
The full moon and a mean storm last night stirred the ocean's pot a wee bit.

Salt spray and sea foam spilled up over the rocks

until spots where we normally stand high,
peering down on the sea's expanse were dwarfed by breakers.
We walked along the ocean road and let the spray wash over us.

I'm thinking back to late last night--or very early morning--the wind shook the house to wake me.  I stood in the bedroom window and watched as the waves raced toward me under the moon's gaze.  I think it was my sleep-muddled brain talking, but I had that strange feeling you sometimes get when your plane hits turbulence and you think, "Hmmm . . . what if this is it?"  And then I blinked a few times and calmly went back to bed; my cat meowed once, quite lazily, as if to scold me for disrupting his sleep.  Then he snuggled in as close as he could behind my knees, and I fell into dreams of the sea and the moon and a boat that looked oddly like the cottage where we, a man, and woman, and two furry beast, all lay fast asleep.


  1. I love the sound of a wild surf...of course I'm usually in a hotel when I hear it, and a few floors up. I used to think I wanted to live right on the water...and then I was in Florida during a couple hurricanes. Now, I'm okay if I live across the street...I can dream can't I?

  2. Gigi,

    Amazing images. I have never seen sea foam like that before. And all that sound and fury from the ocean. Glad you were in the safe haven of your cottage.


  3. It looks like a giant mocha mug topped with whipped cream. I bet the rolling ocean and sky out the window are pure inspiration to your poet's heart.

  4. Wow, that sounds amazing! The pictures are fantastic...I have never seen sea foam, beautiful! Have a restful night, Gigi! xxoo

  5. a beautiful description - love the photos

  6. These are so beautiful. I can smell the salty water form here.
    So, so beautiful!

  7. Oh Gigi,
    And if that time was, 'it', the peace and love inside that 'boat' would make the perfect ending.

  8. They are lovely photos, and a reminder to me that I never ever want to live more than a stone's throw from the sea, as nothing else could possibly provide such a dramatically changing vista outside my bedroom window.

  9. What beautiful photographs, Gigi. I love an angry sea. So dramatic if not a little frightening. .... and doesn't it make your warm bed even cosier when you know what is going on outside ? XXXX

  10. Thanks for your comments, everyone! And yes, Jackie, it does make the bed seem cosier when the sea is raging outside. Doesn't it seem like the best things in life come from just such contrasts and juxtapositions? Hot cocoa to warm you when it's bitterly cold, cold lemonade for when it's hot, a hug from a friend for when you're sad.

  11. What an enchanting place, your cottage. I love the idea of being able to look out of my house onto the beach and waves breaking onto shore. Your waves looked thunderous! And the foam.... I've never seen it like that.

    Thanks for sharing about how you came up with The Magpie's Fancy.... It has that literary quality to it!

  12. those are some wild photos!!!...awesome

  13. You know honey, write your experiences on the Island into a book. I love reading your posts about it so much.

    Amazing shots,

  14. Oh write so beautifully. I am on a mission to find your poetry. I would love to immerse myself within your poetic thoughts as I do with your blog.

    And that sea foam! I have never seen that before! Not in such vast quantities. How much fun that would be to play in!

  15. Dear Gigi,

    Wow! These photos are gorgeous and your writing, wow! Your writing is the most beautiful I have read in a very long time.

    That ending paragraph stunned me with its pure exquisiteness! Lovely, so lovely, I was so fortunate to read it ;) Thank you for sharing your lovely work.


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