Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking Up

I've been away from the blog for a few days, missing your posts, your writing and photos, but also needing to scramble before we move back to the mainland and before the madness of Christmas.  We'll be visiting family then heading to a conference in Philadelphia between Christmas and New Years.  After my last post I realized I'd forgotten that not everybody who visits here knew me before I lived on the island, so I think I made it sound like I am suddenly homeless.  I'm not off on a new adventure to another faraway place, just heading back to my real home in an old textile mill in Massachusetts.  We have been taking a semester off from teaching to focus on some of our writing projects, and now we've got work and our lives there to return to after the holidays.  

Still, even though I'm done with extended journeys and adventures for a bit, life is taking some big turns for me.  I am teetering, teetering, trying to be brave as I stand on the cliff's edge of changes.  Think I'll look up instead of down.  I'm thinking of Relyn tonight and how she writes the most beautiful lists.  I've been compiling a mental list over the past several days of what I've loved and what I'll miss about this island.  Hope I can share it with you very soon.  It just seems right to take stock as we head toward the solstice and the days feel like flashes of light in the dark.

My cats are curled up next to me, the big one and the little one; my husband is asleep on the sofa.  I've got the Christmas lights plugged in and a candle lit.  The house still smells like the drop biscuits we had with supper.  Over on the dining table are piles of paper, ribbons, boxes and bags.  Christmas will come, no matter how behind I am on shopping, crafting, and baking.  Bills will get paid when they get paid.  Life will happen, no matter how much I prepare.  I have always been a worrier.  How about you?  Do you have worries tonight?  Come on over (it's only a fifteen-minute ferry ride).  I'll brew us a pot of chamomile tea, and we can sit by the fire.  There are still plenty of biscuits, and I've got one jar left of homemade jam.  The Scrabble board's waiting.  Worries?  What worries.


  1. You know my darling Gigi, there is nothing I would like more than to join you before that fire, tea in hand and yes, I'll have a biscuit or two as well .. now what would you like to talk about ...... xxx

  2. Oh Gigi that sounds so inviting! If only i could hop on a ferry and come over to your island for a visit. I would love that. I had no idea your island life was not your permanent situation... you'd have to drag me by the hair away from that beautiful place.
    Yes,I have worries too! After a few very busy weeks of helping out with the school PAC christmas fundraiser, a bunch of birthday celebrations, a few christmas concerts, I have now done something to my back. Sadly this time I am spending laying around waiting for my back to heal is the time iI had set aside to do all my Christmas preparations, shopping, decorating and crafting and oh yeah - cleaning!. Oh well, Christmas will come regardless. Worrying won't help me now. Tonight my hubby rigged up my imac by my bed for me, so at lease now I can spend my time catching up with friends and visiting my favorite blogs! Thanks for being a welcome distraction from my worries!

    Enjoy your last days in that beautiful setting and if I don't talk to you before - Have a Blessed Christmas!


  3. Dearest Gigi,
    If I committed to a game of Scrabble with you (the writing genius), I believe I would need more than a cup of tea!
    Oh yes, the holiday worry just fell upon my crazed mind today. However, I'm not going to let it win. Fingers-crossed.

  4. worries..hmmmm, the older I get the more I worry I think!
    I'd love to jump on the ferry & visit but it would take longer than 15 minutes :)
    enjoy lovely Gigi ♥

  5. Oh Gigi,
    Don't worry.Think of the changes that you will be going through as an adventure and enjoy and embrace it. .... and don't let anything spoil your last few days on your beloved island.
    Oh, if only I could hop on the ferry and , in 15 minutes be sitting with you with a cup of tea and a biscuit..... although, don't think for one minute that any of us will be playing Scrabble with you. We all know who the winner would be !! XXXX

  6. You are definitely not alone with your worries. Or with your lists! :)
    But you are also not alone in this place, this place which beckons like-minded and big-hearted women from all over the globe to share in your thoughts and reflections. Isn't that amazing?
    Sending a warm dumpling hug,
    country girl

  7. Darling Lady,
    Take each day as it comes, I too wish I were close to you,
    It would be so nice to share Pop Overs and Coffee, I grind it every morning.
    Big Hug. and stay warm.
    Yvonne in Maine

  8. How I would love to come sit and chat with you over tea and biscuits and play Scrabble. My family has always been big Scrabble players, I'll brush up before I stop by. Worries - I used to be the worry queen, but not so much anymore (one of the perks of getting older). However, I do worry about my kids still - but that will never go away and for that I am thankful. This holiday season has suddenly turned very bittersweet for Alex and myself as we learned yesterday that yet another friend of ours has been diagnosed with cancer and the news is terrible. He is in his early fifties with two teenage kids and a wife....If I could have one wish, it would be to wipe this cancer off the planet, it has taken too many of my friends and loved ones in the last few years....If you'd do me a favor - keep this family in your heart during the holidays - as it will be their last one together! Enjoy your last few days of the island, lovely Gigi! Sending love and hugs your way! xxoo

  9. have a beautiful holiday - i love philly at christmas and have many fond memories of visting my grandmother there before she moved to cape may.

  10. Good luck with that teetering. I think your self-awareness will get you through it readily, as will your focus on detail. A for worrying, how about worrying about the small things (not the bills, mind you, they're too insignificant) and let the large things sort themselves out on the periphery. That jam sounds good.

  11. I love Scrabble! And I love lists! Can't wait to read yours. Yes, I tend to worry too, but it is as you said, life goes on, whether we agonize over things or not.
    Your real home in Massachusetts sounds very romantic. I look forward to reading about it some more.

  12. Gigi, this was bliss to read. It sounds peaceful and calm and reflective. I'm with you -- Christmas will come, the bills will get paid..why worry? I used to be a worrier...I'm now no longer chained to that iron ball. I'm off to make a cup of tea and will think of you and curled and cozy!

  13. I'll have a cup of tea with you and playing scrabble....I'd love to !
    I haven't played in years....the kids gave up on entertaining me that way
    so very long ago....

  14. Thank you SO much ~ likewise babe.

  15. Would love to be there for some Scrabble tea and moonlight with you there, Gigi. :o) Worries... oh, yes a few just now--mostly scrambling to get everything ready for our Christmas trip. But thoughts of going home are so precious and dear, that they out-weigh the worry and fuss. Enjoy this last time on your lovely island my friend. And I'll talk to you in the New Year! ((HUGS))

  16. sounds lovely Gigi,
    butyou won't want to play scrabble with me...err I'm such a bad speller!
    I make mistekas (oops~told ya')...mistakes all the time!
    Lovely day to you darling!

  17. Your blog is very beautiful. A big hug from Spain!

  18. gigi,
    i have learned that good things happen when i remember to look up. great photo !
    i have many stresses and changes coming, and i WILL remember to look up.
    tea sounds good.... all the best

  19. I am worrier as well. Your setting sounds lovely!

  20. oh gigi... i love this post... i'm not sure what part brought tears to my eyes... honestly tears. and just as they were about to flow your music cut in..and well, here i sit blubbering....
    i think i am over tired...which leads to an emotional me...
    your part about worrying, and that life will happen no matter spoke to me this morning! thank you!
    your writing is so very lovely! what a gift you have....

    sending you TRUE BLESSINGS this season...

    xxo, kim

  21. Oh, if only my island wasn't so far away from your island. Tea and biscuits would be so lovely. A quiet moment before the chaos sets in.

    I have loved following your blog while you stayed on this lovely island. What a beautiful place to rest and write. But I am sure your home in Massachusetts is just as scrumptious.

  22. I am only just now getting to this post. I've missed you so much. All the hustle and bustle of Christmas with second graders has made me a little crazy. So to come here today is beautiful. To come here today and find me is a double blessing. Take care, sweet girl. No worries - just tea.


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