Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shutter Sisters!

I feel a bit silly tooting my own horn, but feeling silly has rarely stopped me in the past, so what the heck!  As I looked through comments on my Flickr photos this morning, I discovered one that said, "congrats on shutter sisters today."

What?  I thought.  There must be some mistake.  I headed over to the Shutter Sisters blog just to make sure, and there it was: my photo "Winter Welcome" was selected as the Daily Click!

I have only recently started taking photographs with any kind of seriousness of purpose.  In fact, blogging and photography go hand in hand for me, and I have been doing both for less than a year.  In that year, I feel like the world has split wide open and I have begun to see almost everything in a new way.  I'm not expressing this well, am I?  Hmmm.  What I want to say is that by writing, taking photos, and especially by reading and viewing other people's blogs, I have begun to understand that life holds far more possibilities than I had ever imagined.  Does that make sense?  I am daily stunned, inspired, moved, and delighted by what I find in the blogs I explore, by the crafters and thinkers and makers of beautiful things.  I've been a writer by trade for many years, but I learn something new about writing nearly every day now--some new way of asking a question or seeing an ordinary occurrence with fresh eyes.

And photography?  Well, I am a complete novice.  I don't (yet) own a fancy camera of my very own, but I am saving my pennies.  Most importantly, I am studying voraciously the work and techniques of photographers I admire here in blogland and elsewhere.  The pictures of many of those photographers can be found on Shutter Sisters.  I am deeply thankful for the work those talented women do.  I never thought one of my photos would be selected as a Daily Click.  I am honored.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist or a writer.  I had written, sketched, and painted for my entire young life, but for some crazy reason, when I was preparing to go to college, I was under the impression that one had to be one or the other--an artist or a writer.  I chose writing, and I'm not sorry I did, but I am so, so, so eternally grateful that I stumbled into blogging last winter.  For the first time in my life, I create however I want to, whenever I want to, and I get to share that work with like-minded, like-hearted people.  That's magic to me.  It's alchemy.

One last thing.  We are leaving the island very soon--a week or so, I think.  I don't want to go, but life beckons, so I've promised not to kick and scream as they drag me onto the ferry that last time.  This has been a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live and write and photograph here for a few months.  The photo above was taken here on the road where we've been living.  I will always hold it dear because it feels like this island to me: a little weathered, but enchanting, too, and always, always welcoming.


  1. I LOVE the picture... and your post... and your blog! I feel much of the same as you do concerning blogging, and I wrote about this in a very early post. I feel it has open my eyes on a new perspective and gotten me in contact whith som many great, inspiring, like-minded people (like you) and it has become a great everyday pleasure for me. I actually wrote a small post about it some time ago.

    Your photo has a fantastic light, and the motif (is that the right word?) is beautiful. I can totally understand why it was chosen Todays Click. Congratulations, by the way!
    Have a great week-end on your beloved island

  2. Oh congratulations!! That's truly a wonderful photograph and would make a perfect Christmas card!! You have many more talents that you realize!

    I'm sorry to hear you are leaving the island, but I know you will make a lovely life wherever you light!

  3. Congratulations Gigi - it's no great surprise that your photo was chosen. Your photos are very beautiful and all say "Gigi"! You're developing a lovely and unique style. It's sad that you're leaving this beautiful place but I'm looking forward to continuing your journey with you! Leigh

  4. Oh, well done Gigi. You must be so proud. It IS a brilliant photograph. Perhaps some company will buy it for Christmas cards next year and you will become a Zillionaire and can retire back to the island !!!!..... well, you never know.
    Enjoy your success and have a lovely weekend. XXXX

  5. hi gigi, i just had to pop over to your blog. i absolutely love every morsel of what you said in this post! truly! and i'm really happy for you... your words described so much of how i feel about blogging and photographs and the amazing talent that people have and seem to share so openly... such treasures.

    your blog is LOVELY!!


  6. Gigi,
    The artist's talent runs deep within your veins! What a wonderful gift to be able to write and photograph, for this pairing is spectacular together, yet they both can stand alone beautifully too!
    Congrats on the Shutter Sisters shout-out! Huge!

  7. It's no wonder; that photograph is BEAUTIFUL. I love combination of pristine snow, bright wreath, and weathered fence.
    I was telling someone today how blogging and taking photos for my blog has opened me up to so much beauty....everywhere I go I notice beautiful things because I am looking for them to share with readers. It's an amazing gift, this community. And you are a beautiful part of it!
    Hope wherever you are off to now will hold as much beauty as the island did for you!

  8. congratulations and the shot is so very beautiful. it deserves recognition.

    i'm sorry you have to leave the island for a while. may your travels take you to more beautiful places.

  9. The photo is great! Congratulations.
    You are a very talented, lady.
    Maybe when you are real famous you will return to the island (like Dorthy Parker)
    Keep in touch..

    Yvonne in Maine

  10. When I saw that photo, I immediately saved it to file (with your link) not realising you had actually taken it until I read on. It's perfect, there is so much about it I totally LOVE. You have such a gift in this area, how can that be, you are way too talented anyway .. he he.

    I'm also feeling sad about you leaving, you know I've lived vicariously on the island through you.


  11. Congratulations Gigi! Your photographs are beautiful so I am not at all surprised! And you do make perfect sense!

  12. Congratulations Gigi..the photograph is so beautiful....

    I love Maine so much...I have a friend that spends half time at their cottage on Christmas Cove in South Bristol and half here in San Luis Obispo and one other friend who is a photographer and lives in Maine...Do you know or have you heard of Lynn Karlin...she has a web site and does the most stunning pictures...alot of Maine....when my friend and I came to Maine and stayed at Pomegranite we got to see Lynn then.....

    I feel the same about blogging...I just started last summer and couldn't even find the "on" button on the camera. I just walked inot Best Buy and bought a camera. Had NO IDEA what I was even buying...would like to expand on my photography skills next year....

    LOVE Fore Street so much....what a great restaurant....

    I really LOVE your inspiring....look forward to daily visits with you...

    I see Country Girl is here too...Dawn and I have become such great friends this year...what fun....

    I'll be back to visit soon and thanks for the kind words about my little Buddy..

    Kary and Buddy

  13. Gigi,

    I agree with the jury over at Shutter Sisters -your photograph merits a Click award. But then, each and every one of your posts is a

    It maybe goodbye to the island, but I'm certain whole new experiences await you on the mainland.


  14. I understand completely what you are saying. I never thought about writing at all. I stumbled on a writer's site (it isn't anymore) in 2006 and slowly tried my hand at prose, poetry, photo essays...and I loved it. As that site changed, I lost my muse...and I discovered blogging. My writing here is different, but I love it and the other bloggers. I don't have enough time to read all that I want to read, comment as much as I want to or create everything I'm seeing.

    Congratulation on the really is special.

  15. Well, darn it Gigi! I wish I had been the first to comment, since I cannot think of more sincere and beautiful words to praise both your photography and your writing.
    Congratulations! And although I too am sorry that you are leaving the lovely island, I am assured that wherever you go, you will find inspiration to create, as well as turn the place into your lovely home.

  16. Congratulations, Gigi...that is a fabulous honor! The photo is so gorgeous, I just love it! I am so glad that you stumbled into blogging and I stumbled upon your blog, as you truly brighten my days with your beautiful words! Enjoy your time left on the island!
    P.S. That would be awesome to have a movie night with you! xxoo :)

  17. That is a beautiful shot!! Congratulations! You could make it into a Christmas card!

    I feel the same way - when I started blogging I wanted to write and make some friends, but I never realized it would crack me open to the possibilities of bigger and bigger creativity!

    So where are you off to next then?

  18. congrats on the picture gigi - it is very beautiful, well deserved.

    and beautiful post, as always. We are glad that you did discover blogging and photography - we love visiting your blog daily and reading your posts.

    it's sad that you have to leave your island but you might move on to new and beautiful places.

  19. Hi Gigi,

    Congrats! I'm not surprised! You're a very talented photographer.

  20. The photo is gorgeous; the post is touching. You've put into words how I've been feeling lately about this blog adventure (mine now only four months old), how it opened up so many internal doors for me and gave me a bigger picture of possibility. I, too, have gradually fallen in love with the camera, something I'd pictured was only for the experts, the trained photographers :)

    Congratulations on your photo being chosen! It was clearly deserving.

  21. It's a super photo, with the tangible quality of its icy air. I'd have been ever so proud to have taken it. Well done, and bon voyage back to the mainland.

  22. hi gigi
    you are so inspiring! i have never been a writer or photographer ... i still use my cell phone camera... but im learning. and this blogging venue, altho very new to me.. is perfect.
    you have a beautiful way of expressing yourself

  23. Hi Gigi,
    I love your photography ... the winter photo should be your Christmas card this year!
    If you know any photographers whose work you think is a good match for Newport Review, please ask them to send some samples.

    I'm sorry your time on the island is ending. I'm sorry I never got up there for a visit, but just Reading about your magical island has been an escape for me, like reading a well loved children's book.

  24. Gigi
    congratulations! I love the photo they chose, it is lovely.
    I know what you mean, blogging is an entire world of possibilities, knowledge and wonderful people. It really shrinks our planet.
    Soak and savour up each moment of the island and keep it in your cells forever!!!! xoxxo

  25. WELL deserved. It's an absolutely gorgeous shot, and all your studying is paying off...your photos are so beautiful. Selfishly, I'm so glad you've had this time to photograph the island through the change of seasons. I have been eating it up. XO

  26. Congratulations, I love this image.

  27. Congratulations, Gigi! This photos very much is an emblem of the season now--pure delight! I feel much as you do, that photography and blogging very much are intertwined... and me a novice to. The art of photography is a wonderful world to explore. Joy to you as your keep walking the creative path. Enjoy the last days on your island... I hope you will get to return to the dream one day. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  28. First, congratulations!!! I am SO excited for you. What an affirmation and an honor. How delightful. Secondly, that photo really is amazing and completely deserving of the attention.

    I have to agree with you, blogging opens new worlds and provides wonderful opportunities and challenges. One of the best of those is making new friends. Like you, dear heart.

  29. this is such great news, congratulations!
    please give the island a sweet hug goodbye for me.

  30. So happy for you!
    Told you have a special gift in photography!
    Hope you continue to share the visual delight with us~

  31. Your is a lovely blog and I'll be sure to visit again.
    Warmest regards,

  32. Hi Gigi...just stopping by to see what's new....

    I'll be back soon..

    be well, my friend

    kary and buddy

  33. Gigi, I am *right* there with you! I paint for a living, but all my jobs before this were in journalism. I loved to write, but didn't think I could do both. And I always admired beautiful photography but never considered it as something I could get into beyond just using it as a tool for my painting. And then the blog kind of happened. And now my morning routine involves writing and photographing the desert world around me. Magic, this blog thing is. And YOU are a big inspiration!

    So congrats on the gorgeous photo (it really is stunning, my dear!) and good luck packing up for the ferry trip and drive H O M E!

    Big hugs, xoxo

  34. I absolutely adore that picture. One of my most favourite wintery images I have ever seen! I wish I was standing right there, taking in that beautiful view. No wonder they chose you! Congratulations :)

    You expressed that bloggy feeling so perfectly. I started my own blog just to have a place to collect my photos and maybe connect with a few like minded souls. I had NO IDEA what was in store for me..the abundance of love and support and beauty and inspiration that makes you feel like creating something new each and every day. It has opened up a whole new universe. I so get what you are saying. It's really very wonderful, isn't it?

  35. I need to put you on my blog list, so I can find you more easily.... I've missed all of these wonderful posts, but now I know more of your story. I love the ocean and can understand how you feel about leaving the island. It has seemed so beautiful, rugged, romantic, and quaint.... I'll miss it, too!

    And congratulations on the Shutter Sisters recognition!

  36. Found you on Flickr and I'm thrilled!
    This is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. Truly.
    Love your blog...looking forward to knowing you a bit better here and on flickr.
    All Things Heart and Home

  37. Thanks so much, Robin (Gigi)! This is certainly the best photo I've taken so far, and it was total luck--gorgeous morning sunlight and first snow of the year. I'm so glad, too, that we've found each other on flickr. Looking forward to following your beautiful work. xo Gigi


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