Friday, March 5, 2010

C is for Cadeau

A special parcel arrived last night--special because of what was inside, special because of how it was wrapped, and , most importantly, special because of how it came to arrive at my doorstep.  Sande, the woman behind the amazing blog and online boutique, A Gift Wrapped Life, hosted a North American giveaway in celebration of her one-year blog anniversary.  Dustjacket Attic, the woman whose blog we all visit for fashion, beauty, humor, and a large dose of wit, was one of the winners of Sande's giveaway.  DJ, who lives in Australia, shared her beautiful gift with me.   
First, I need to say that I tried to resist.  Really, I did.  I tried to wait until morning light to open this package in order to photograph it in natural light, but when the delivery man arrived in the evening with this parcel--well, let's just say I'm only human.  Even the brown shipping box was decorated with Sande's gorgeous blog-header photo.  I dove in, pausing just long enough to snap a few shots.  Please excuse the less-than-stellar photos.  My hands were shaking (Who has time for a tripod at a moment like this?), my knees were knocking, and the lighting--ugh.  

Yet the package, even under the circumstances, was glorious.  Let's begin with the photo above.  That was the label on the envelope just inside the box.  I photographed it behind a few of my own peach blossom branches.  

Inside the envelope was this knockout card from Sande.  Underneath the card lay perfectly pleated pink tissue.  Sigh.

I lifted the tissue to discover this ruffled peony tucked into a satin wired ribbon bow in a deeper shade of pink.  This was tied around a box impeccably wrapped in dove-grey patterned paper.

I lifted the lid (the box, by the way, is gorgeous, too) only to discover more pleated pink tissue fastened with this delicious tag.  At this point, imagine me talking aloud to an empty room.  I was so excited that I needed to comment on every stage of the unveiling.  There I was exclaiming, squealing even, with no one but the cats to hear.  I think they were just hoping I'd drop some tissue on the floor for them to play with.  They were out of luck.  It was too perfect to just toss on the floor.  I carefully laid each piece in a stack on the table as I went.  And look what I found next:

Beneath perfectly creased tissue triangles were two paper roses tucked into more ribbon--grey this time.  And these ribbons were wrapped around my giveaway gift:
a trio of exquisitely-scented Left Bank candles from Charlotte Moss.  The candles are stunning, the silvered glass is perfection, and just look at that marbled paper inside the lozenge-shaped box!  Swoon.  Serious swoon.

Thank you Sande and DJ, for generosity and beauty and un cadeau much loved by me.  When I started blogging a year ago, I wrote a post called The Art of the Parcel about how I often love the parcel, the wrapping and card and ribbons, as much as I love the gift itself.  When someone takes the time to make receiving the gift such a delight for the senses, it adds layers of meaning and memory that I treasure.  

I've received a few other magical treasures recently, but I'll save them for another post.    


  1. Gigi,
    I'm actually having to read through misty eyes because I am so ECSTATIC for you! So deserving of Sande's perfectly gift wrapped glories! And then to 'know' DJ and that she chose you....geez, I just have a big swell in my throat from all this love which fills the universe!

  2. Melissa, you are a sweetheart. You and DJ were two of the first people I met and connected with in the blogging world, and I just adore you both. Truly. xo

  3. Oh the beauty of it all! Enjoy them, Gigi.

  4. wow, what a beautiful present and a beautiful story gigi.

    hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Oh write about unwrapping even better than I could ever possibly gift wrap (if you know what I mean). What a delight to read this and wish I could have hand-delivered it so you didn't have to open it yourself, though sometimes that can be the best too. So glad you enjoyed DJ's gracious gift. XO

  6. That beats all. I'll have to radically up my wrapping standards, or stop blogging. What a beautiful package to receive.

  7. Oh...lucky, lucky you! I am known with family and friends for my gift-wrapping style. I thought I was so good at it...until I started reading Sande's blog and realized that compared to that wrapping, mine looks like a 5-year-old did it! How nice for you that DJ shared her gift with you. Sweet!


  8. Oh that was such a treat to have you reveal all those luscious layers with us. So lovely. ~Lili

  9. Hi there babe, what a surprise. I'm just catching up on my blogpals' posts and this... I knew Sande the QUEEN of wrap was going to do something special. She is the best! I so love that you loved it and the care that went into the wrapping and the gift....I knew you would.

    love DJ

  10. What a beautiful treasure to receive through the mail...all I get for the most part are white envelopes containing bills!
    I felt as though I was opening that exquisite gift myself, the way you described it...admiring its beauty, but anticipating what was inside as well.
    Lovely lovely.


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