Tuesday, March 23, 2010

N is for . . .

New season, new header, and the new outlook I'm trying to cultivate after a long, rather hard winter.  I feel like my family, some wonderful old companions, sweet blog friends, my cats, books, and my writing projects have kept me going.  Another gift is that this dreadful winter came on the heels of one of the best autumns of my life.  I believe that the seasons of plenty can prepare us for the lean seasons, and the lean ones make us appreciate those bountiful ones all the more.

Thank you from the soles of my harness boots to the roots of my highlights for all that you give, all that you share.  So often you do it without a single expectation of anything in return.  I've said more than once this winter that I was having a tough time, but then I haven't gone on to share any details or clarify my remarks.  That seems a bit unfair of me, and yet you haven't complained.  Not once.  That is because you are patient; you understand.  Some encounters, some moments, some life events--even the big ones that shape us in new and completely unforeseen ways--can't be shared, and yet it is good to know that there are friends who stop by for visits or send parcels or write unexpected emails just to check in.  

And then I see someone who is suffering, someone who is hungry or lonely or scared, and my own cares and worries seem petty.  Look at that roof over my head: not a leak in it tonight as the rain clamors against the skylight, searching for a way in.  The seal holds tight.  We are safe and warm inside.  Tomorrow I'll make soup with kale and white beans, and maybe some homemade biscuits.  My husband will tell me a joke and forget the punch line (this is not a vague prediction; I can say this with far more certainty than a meteorologist can forecast the weather).  Someone in my family will call just as I'm picking up the phone to call them.  I possess more riches than I can measure.

Usually I'm a vintage girl, a celebrator of thrift and reuse, a magpie and picker, gleaning treasures from cast offs and long-forgotten troves.  Tonight, though, I sing of the new, of turning the proverbial new leaf, of seeing the world through new, perhaps rosier glasses.  Yet even as I wax rhapsodic about the new, I keep in my sights the glimmer of the past, for it's from the old, wizened stem that a green branch grows, and from this branch a new bud blooms.


  1. I adore the his & hers bikes...so adorable Gigi!
    Your soup sounds so warm & cozy ~yum*

  2. Thanks so much for those words as its how I have been feeling too-the winter has been fraught, complicated and stressful but the new season is full of hopes and dreams

  3. The new rosy looks sparkles, Gigi--just love it--the new banner and the excitement in your words and view! Keep digging for treasure--old and new, my friend. :o) ((HUGS))

  4. The new look is my favourite so far! I think your focus on detail will pull you through - it's often in your posts as though you are measuring the small things and thus coming to a larger understanding.

  5. I like it. Love the bikes and soup is good for this week sleet and snow in Maine.
    Were you ever a journalist?


  6. Oh - beach cruiser bikes! My new love... I recently went on a tour around London that uses beach cruisers and totally fell in love with them. (I occasionally go on tours in my own city - a fun way to see it through new eyes).

    Since I am so new to your blog it's hard to say which look has been my favourite, but both this and the other with the books have the same feel to them, somehow, sort of relaxing and timeless and friendly. :)

    I have been having the same sort of lean winter... also for reasons undisclosed on my blog, but again, people have been lovely. I feel a good spring is coming for both of us I am sure. Loved your comment on my blog - I am ready with the champagne (or the Moxie!) when you are! Here's to finishing our novels! x

  7. My dear friend, Gigi,
    Spring is such a wonderful season for making us aware of new beginnings. It is a time to put everything into perspective. Although life can throw us disappointments and sadness, we are really very lucky and life is pretty rosy, compared to others.
    I actually think that you shouldn't tell everything on your blog. Some things are very personal and should not be shared, apart from with your loved ones, and should be kept in your heart and we should not be privvy to it.... but you know that we are all here and are thinking of you.
    On a lighter note, I think that your new header is a triunph ( Oh, Gigi, I made a joke....Triumph....bikes....Triumph, make of bike, haha....maybe not haha, perhaps it's an English thing !!!!!) Do you know Gigi....I hate change ? It will take me at least 3 years to change my header !!
    Enjoy this new week and take care, Gigi. XXXX

  8. I love your new header and I love today's topic for 'N'.
    I also love that you predict that your husband will forget the punch line of a joke that he tells you.

  9. "keep your eyes to the sky, and your back to the wind"
    and, "have you checked your oil", is what my grandpa used to say.
    ~laura x

  10. Gigi--I love this post so much! Many of the things you said ring so true in my own life now. Spring is the reawakening of the new and all the wonderful possibilities of life! Change is wonderful (even in the lean times). You are amazing and I love your inspiring blog with all the beautiful photographs and words.

    Your new header is FABULOUS! :)

    Here's a ((toast)) to change and Spring!

  11. Love the new header and honest post. :)Hoping things get better for you... I'm coming out of a 6 month storm myself. But the sun does eventually come out! Thanks for being a dear friend. xoxo

  12. i'm glad to count you in my new friends, i'm warmed by your words and your realness and am always looking forward to what you 'see' on any given day. happy spring


  13. i love, love your new header.
    and as always i appreciate your warm words.

  14. Oh, I certainly agree with you, Gigi. The lean seasons certainly make me appreciate the seasons of plenty more. And, I for one, am glad to be here for you. This post is so profound and beautiful. I'm drinking in the loveliness of your words.

    LOVE the header!

  15. You have such a lovely way to remind us to count our blessings too as you describe yours. Another hauntingly beautiful post Gigi. ~Lili

  16. old and new work well here . this space is lovely

  17. hallelujah and amen.

    "Yet even as I wax rhapsodic about the new, I keep in my sights the glimmer of the past, for it's from the old, wizened stem that a green branch grows, and from this branch a new bud blooms."

    your words are powerful, thoughtful and sensitive, dear gigi ...

    love your 'new' ... your new perspective on life ... your new header ... and forever the same 'ol you ... <3

    prairiegirl xo

  18. ps.
    um, darn. could i change that <3 for a *heart*?

  19. Thanks for the thoughtful responses, my friends!

    Lenore: Come on over for some soup!

    Anonymous: May spring be brighter for both of us . . .

    Tracy: From one treasure seeker to another, thank you!

    Mise: I'm so glad you like the header. I'm still dreaming about those chocolate bars at your giveaway!

    Yvonne: No I've never been a journalist, always a poet and essayist. I'm curious about why you ask. BTW, I read you most recent post and loved it. Cool history! Haven't commented yet, but will be back soon!

    Jayne: I love London and I love beach cruisers, so that tour sounds like heaven to me! Keep writing, sister!

    Jackie: I love your Triumph pun, and your words always give me hope and cheer. Hugs to you.

    Johanna: Thanks, lovely, and it's true. He never makes it through a joke--well, almost never.

    Laura: Your grandpa was a wise man!

    Evielena: Have I told you yet that I love your name? So glad we've found each other's blogs.

    Nicolette: It's been a real boost to know you're out there this winter. Thanks, sweetheart.

    Char: I feel exactly the same way about you. x

    Christina: You know you are one of my inspirations, right? Seriously, miss; you are a super star.

    Thanks, beautiful, Angie. These are big compliments coming from such a talented woman.

    Lili: You warm my heart, you really do. Lucky am I to have found you through our pal Ange.

    Thanks, Elk. I feel the same way when I visit your place--a spot of calm and beauty in a chaotic world.

    pg: I'm sending a heart right back to you. I'm such a fan of your work. When I grow up I want to take photos as beautiful as yours. I always come away from visits to you with a new perspective, a stronger hold on beauty.

    xo g

  20. love the new in you....especially the banner.....i think spring does this to all of us, this new feeling and it's simply wonderful !

  21. Hi!
    Just discoverd you and your blog...
    N is for Northern Light, come visit one day, I promise I will cheer you up!

  22. Gigi you are a gift to us. I loved this piece of writing, it brought goosebumps to my arms. Thank you for that.
    Everything you think of us is what we think of you. You give and give and expect nothing in return and people like you are the ones I return to time and again. You are such "good people" Gigi. xoxo Love you!

  23. sweet, sweet gigi....

    just have to say... i do, i do...love you!!

    your words speak to my soul.... your kind heart flows from your pages and images....
    you inspire...

    and from one who knows oh too well about a tough time... i send you my love and support... as i know you share yours with me. :)

    the new header... be still my heart....

    ♥ kim

  24. Very nice new header and very well written words on appreciation, friendship, hardships and new growth. I am relatively new to your blog, and happy to have found your post today. I think I may have seen your face and comments on other friend's blogs.

  25. What a beautiful post..it sent shivers down my spine!!! Love the new header...

  26. HURRAH TRIUMPHANT GIGI! Spring hath sprungeth, and we are right along with you in bidding farewell to your difficult winter. Your words are such a gift in my life, and so thank YOU for sharing what you have along the way.

    And in other news: O is for OWL over at bigBANG today. If you get the flashest of flashes do stop by to see what I mean. xo

  27. I love your new banner! I’m sorry you had a tough winter. I had a tough fall. Some things aren’t meant to be shared in cyberspace. I do hope this will be a happy spring for you.

  28. i loved reading this, your words spoke to me and to doubts and fears! love your header and if those are your bikes we have something in common!

  29. Dearest Gigi,
    Most nights, I'm up very late since my 'work day' begins after the crumb goes to sleep. In any event, I never can catch up to the long list of 'must-do' before the next day's list is added to it. I find myself needing a bit of a break from 'work' and head over here to be inspired and to just linger in your words. So many times I leave feeling so refreshed or end my day with your perfectly written thoughts dancing in my head. You truly are divine, and I can't wait to share a bowl of soup with you one day while we discuss all the ways we can 'save the world'! :)

  30. I agree with Melissa 100%!! I feel the same way.

    Spring is a time for tilling the soil, turning under the remnants of the previous year and making way for the new to emerge. Nothing un-thrifty about that.

    Your new banner is giving me serious summer fever, btw!! Can I come ride a bike on your beach?

  31. Lovely writing filled with lovely truths.

  32. Oh my goodness what a beautiful post Gigi. Your words make me sigh...I often read them more than once so I can absorb them into memory.
    And your new header is just lovely!
    Here's to the new...I am experiencing a great deal of *new* right now as well. It's exciting, isn't it? As much as we treasure the old, new things bring about a freshness, like opening a window to the spring.
    Love to you xoxo.


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