Saturday, April 17, 2010

Come Sit By Her Fire With Me

Hello, friends!  Today I am visiting over at my friend Relyn's beautiful blog, Come Sit By My Fire.  Relyn devotes the entire month of April to people's passions, which is only fitting, since she herself is a woman full of passion and creativity.  I hope you'll come on over and visit with us, too!

Have a beautiful weekend.  


  1. Great interview! I liked it very much!

  2. i can see why relyn was swooning over you. your writing is just beautiful. off to explore more of you.

  3. I am glad to stop by your blog and enjoy your posts. You are definitely a talented writer.


  4. Such a wonderful feature, Gigi... Relyn has just a magic way as you do. And your gift of words never fails to inspire me and tug at my heart... Thank you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  5. It was one of the loveliest posts I have read Gigi about the power of words and the comfort of books. But how you say it is so..........perfect. Wonderful. XO

  6. Awwww... now it's my turn to get all sappy. You are a precious friend, my dear.

  7. Such a nice interview. Love both of your blogs - real treasures!

  8. know I will follow you anywhere! off I go to snuggle by the fire!

  9. Beautiful post...and so nice to read about another passionate wordsmith. You have a wonderful style!


  10. I loved it! So much of what you described there is so familiar to me, Gigi. Are you sure we are not twins?
    I adored the image you described of writing in the closet as a child. Reminds me so much of my Finn. Think she must be turning into me!

  11. Oh I shall see you over there in that case....mmm wouldn't mind a couple of those books pictured!

  12. Such a beautiful post over at Relyn's place and that photo above is so gorgeous....I adore it so much! Have a great weekend, dear Gigi! xxoo :)

  13. Thanks for the invitation. What a lovely visit it was. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thank-you Gigi and Relyn.

  14. can we have tea together?
    then we can go over all our old books together ...
    i get an overwhelming sense of calm mixed with giddiness
    (is that possible) when i walk into a library or bookstore ...
    all those words! and stories! and emotions!

    i love your selection here ... 'peter and wendy' ~ mmmm ...
    tennyson ~ did we all take 'charge of the light brigade' in school?
    and i am playing 'dawn' from the movie 'pride and prejudice' at a wedding may 1st ... but i would love to see this original edition ... :)

    so excited to sit by relyn's fire with you ~

    ps. thanks for inspiring me to seek out tennyson again ... i leave you with this from his 'sir launcelot and queen guinevere' ... *sigh*

    The maiden Spring upon the plain
    Came in a sun-lit fall of rain.

  15. I enjoyed finding out about you, Gigi. I was right all along. You are awesome, capitalized.
    Too bad you live so far away, I could definitely use your writing instruction. But if you do want to set up a class via internet, count me in.

  16. That fire is so lovely to sit beside Gigi - you have such a gift with words. Loved the bit about the macrame belts!

  17. Okay, I'm on my way, but first wanted to tell you how much I love this photograph.

  18. Gosh where have I been? I guess why I was weeding and getting dirty you were writing this beautiful post. My Grandmother taught me to read at age three. It was the greatest gift I have ever received. You're quite a gift yourself.


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