Wednesday, April 21, 2010

W is for Wild

No, not girls-gone-wild kind of wild--
violets and ospreys and blue herons kind of wild,  
reeds and new-spring-green-just-beneath-the-water wild,

rivers and swamps and spooky trees
set against a haze of green,
tiny new growth up close,
blossoms that take your very breath,
and a patient turtle who lets a muskrat use him 
as a picnic bench.

Climb the steps to the secret path
where the fairies live (yes, they really do),

or sit by the marsh,
breathe deep, and just wait 
for the next great blue heron to take wing--
that's my kind of wild.

Happy Earth Day!


  1. All these photos are breathtaking! What a gorgeous planet we live on, and how utterly wonderful that there are people like you to document its beauty. Happy Earth Day to you!

  2. Oh, the muskrat and the turtle.
    Adorably wild.

  3. The best kind of wild! Seriously, that second picture is genius!

  4. This is my kind of wild too! I love steps in the forest - my daughter and I just discovered a stairway in the woods beside our house just last week. I'll have to go back with my camera! My daughter also went through a crazy flower fairy stage a few years back and we read Cicely Mary Barker's poems every night for many months. What girl wouldn't love her? Your words bring back great memories.
    And last but not least - great blue herons are my all time favorite. No creature more majestic to me! Luvin' "W"!

  5. That is a gorgeous kind of wild, Gigi!! Just beautiful! xxoo :)

  6. Oh I just love to look through your eyes. I love what you see and photograph. My favorite is the Muskrat and the turtle...that is just the sweetest thing honey.

    hugs DJ

  7. Then there's that other Wilde who also inspires us to see life just as you do dearest Gigi. I'm a bit of a wild girl after your own heart. Spring just does that to you I think - it brings out the natural in us. Hmm - you've inspired me to leave my computer and breathe in that lovely country air.

  8. happy earth day gigi.
    beautiful post, as always.

  9. The Muskrat and the turtle are so wonderful, what a great moment to have captured! I am definitely a wild girl myself, Happy Earth Day!

  10. Happy Earth Day, Gigi! This is the kind of wild I like! :o) I've just been paying tribute to this inspiring day too. Your photos are dazzling...*swoon*... ((HUGS))

  11. Thanks, friends! I'm not kidding about that patient turtle, either. The muskrat sat on him munching away on grasses for a very, very long time.

    Oh, and Ange, I almost made this post about Mr. Wilde. In my heart, he's always here somewhere anyway. We were born on the same day; I like to think we are twins separated by a mere 113 years and a small ocean.

  12. Oh Gigi,
    Your photographs are stunning. We do have such beauty all around us, don't we ? I love the muskrat using the turtle as his picnic table !! .... and, I know those fairies. They used to live in my garden !
    Happy Earth Day dear Gigi and enjoy all the beauty that this planet has to offer us. XXXX

  13. oh wow - what a beautiful place to explore. I also love the muskrat turtle shot. such a wonderful catch.

  14. Being your Mum, I thought I knew everything about the magical day you were born....but it appears that I didn't. You and Mr. Wilde share that date! That is magical!
    Also, I shall smile all day thinking of the turtle and the muskrat.
    X and O

  15. What a wonderful earth day celebration, gigi! ox

  16. these are so wonderful- i enjoyed them all immensely! thanks for sharing such beauty

  17. Wait, is that really a muskrat sitting on a turtle? IT IS! AMAZING shot, Geej!

    Happy earthday to you, too. Many happy returns of the day, sweet friend. xo

  18. Gigi

    what lovely pics - so evocative. Thank you for sharing such beauty! We have herons here to and I never tire of their facinating combination of gawky / gracefulness.

    The shot of the tree is amazing and I think I can just about see the little fairy that calls it home peeping her bonneted head out...



  19. Sometimes I think it's not that they are wild, it's that we're too civilised. What lovely images, especially the underwater shots. A great Earth Day post.

  20. Oh good, I didn't want to see any girls going wild, unless it's the type of wild where they go out for nice walks and take photographs of violets and ospreys and blue herons and muskrats using turtles as picnic benches (that image is so funny!). I like that kind of wild.

  21. truly breathtaking!! oh how i love this earth...and faeries too!!

  22. i have dreams of grass growing green under pools of water -- and your gorgeous shot brought them back to me. thanks for this beautiful tribute to earth day.

  23. Oh Gigi your photos make my heart sing:)...Love mr turtle and mr did you ever get that photo!...I adore the wilds of New England...

    Happy Earth Day indeed!

  24. Loved the Tree trunks and the muskrat.
    You have an eye for beauty. Thanks for those great shots. yvonne

  25. What a good wild post! Love that violet(we used to decorate my sisters May birthday cakes with them- they are edible although taste like nothing). I so like the photo of the beaver with the turtle, how funny!

  26. great earth day post gigi!
    it looks magical

  27. Thank you for leaving wonderful words for me...
    They always make me happy!

    Have a nice weekend.

  28. oh happy belated earth day gigi..... what an incredible group of photos. soooo good! again.

    i love the turtle bench... how perfect!!! :)

    happy weekend! xxo, kim

  29. I love your 'wild' pics! Gorgeous. Love the muskrat. Hope you had a lovely and green earth day!

  30. this is the nicest "earth day" photo set i have seen.

  31. And I'm wild about your wild! Just love your amazing photos. Leigh

  32. That turtle is priceless. I think you should use it again for a Bench Monday post. It gives the concept new meaning.

  33. Fairy real estate...that is brilliant.
    Love that.

    Oh, how I adore you Gigi.
    It has been such a wonderful morning, catching up with you. I must go climb my mountain now, but I know I will be looking out for all kinds of nooks and crannys in the trees where fairies might be dwelling.
    Thank you for the magic.
    Love you!


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