Monday, April 12, 2010

U is for Under

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U is for Under construction.  These are two shots I took yesterday of the mill across the street from the one where I live.  In a post earlier this year I told you that they are redeveloping this great old place.  They've finished demo and are onto (re)construction.  In the second photo, that's not flooding from the rains, it's the canal that runs between our buildings.  I was happy to capture the sun beam in the first photo and the flares in the second one.  Thank you, sun!
U is also for underwater.  While the big rains have finally stopped, much of our region is still flooded, including all the places where we usually walk.  The person off in the distance in the above photo is wearing hip waders, smart cookie!
U is also for Under the daffodils.  I think sometimes the best way to look at a flower is to lie on the ground and look up at it.  For me, this simple move changes the scale and my own sense of relative importance.  Suddenly flowers that seemed small and sweet when I was standing above them become majestic to me from this angle.  Oh, that's right, I say to myself, I'm not the center of the universe! 

U is also for under the weather, which I am, but since I have established the fact for myself that I'm not the center of the universe, I will keep this little cold in perspective and forge ahead.  I'm finishing the first draft of the story today.  Maybe I'll find myself a pair of hip waders for the revision process.  I think I'll need them.


  1. U is also for understanding. You have definitely got that under control! lol
    Hip waders are cool. At least you are prepared for being "up to here" with things when wearing them! lol Beautiful shots Gigi.

  2. I hope you are soon above the weather once again ;)
    Having had far more than the usual share of illnesses this year (thanks to the toddler) I have been working hard at that not-center-of-the-universe perspective myself. I think it's working. I think.

  3. yes, above the weather but under the daffodils. great post because you give us more context about the physical environment in which you live- i LOVE this ongoing mill project across the way. keep us updated.

    and good luck with the draft of the story!

  4. U, for utterly beautiful photographs and
    U, for understanding the world around you so beautifully and sharing it with

  5. your photos are so inspiring. you should be very proud of your work.

  6. Thank you for this delightful post.
    GiGi you wrie just beautifully ..


  7. Loved seeing the shot of the daffodils from that perspective. Very dreamy with the sky as their backdrop! Feel better! ~Lili

  8. It may not be about me, but today it is about you. I love how you tell a story, you are such a fine writer Gigi. Always look forward to your posts. Feel better soon, it is such a drag to be sick in the spring, everyone here in Ontario is sick though it appears a warm spring is going to make for doubly potent allergies this year. Which means alot of us are going to think we're sick. Claritan in bulk for everyone this year. That's quite the tangent I got on, wasn't it? Have a great week Gigi (love that name). XO

  9. Great daffodils shot. As always, it is a pleasure to look at your photos. Silly question, have you thought about adding a section about photography? Someone like me would benefit tons from experience like yours :) Angie

  10. Stunning photos. And of course, now I realize you are in the part of NE where there were so many floods. Stay dry!

  11. Great pictures. Love the mood they set.

  12. Dearest Gigi,
    I love these image prespectives! Always makes me happy to see a city revitalize itself with a fresh makeover where needed!

    Like you, I'm fighting a nasty cold and threw my back out last week (never before in my life have I been injured like this!). Joked with Sean and said, "one week from my birthday, and I'm walking like an 80 year old!" Pathetic! Needless to say, I'm on the mend and moving at a more rapid speed (which is a must when a 2 year old is always 20 paces ahead of you!).

    Hope you are feeling better soon! Wondering if you will share your story with us? (wink, wink)

    Here's to NOT being too far beneath the daffodils - ha!


  13. Gorgeous Photos, Gigi! I find areas that are under construction to be filled with optimism.
    Hope you will soon feel better, and really get to enjoy those daffodils. Wishing you success on your revisions. I'm sure it will be an amazing story!

  14. Such beautiful images Gigi. I love the daffodils, and the thought process that sits alongside them. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  15. Ooo... love the almost other-worldly quality of the top few photos, Gigi! So sorry you are unwell... Do be taking good care. Sending get-well thoughts & ((HUGS))

  16. beautiful photos...
    i'm under the weather too....which makes me feel like i'm under water, so this post was perfect for me....thank you !

    feel better soon....

  17. What's going on here??? I drifted off the the South Shore on Friday and had to return early Sunday with a bout of something. Hanging out in my jammies actually... And have a huge deadline looming over me... Hope you are right as rain very, very soon darlin'. Your new camera certainly agrees with you.

  18. U is also for uplifted and this is how I feel after seeing these incredible photos and read your beautiful take of them. Hope you are feeling better. I'm totally energized. Thank you.

  19. I'm starting to get nervous - Z draws near and the end of your gorgeous alphabet posts. Hope you're feeling better. Leigh PS Your photos are divine! Leigh

  20. hopefully you're feeling less Under the weather...the project going on across from your building looks like it will be so pretty.
    xoxo alison

  21. Gigi, your blog is so gorgeous. It makes me really happy. Thanks for putting the time and effort into it. I'm working on an old-fashioned letter to you. I'll keep you posted... xo patti

  22. Hi Gigi,

    "U" sound very busy. Good luck with the writing. Feel better soon.

    Happy daffodils and Spring!



  23. Dearest Gigi,

    May you be Upright again soon and able to appreciate those daffodils from a new perspective. Every thing in the Universe, no matter how Unbelievably tiny, is on an important Utilitarian mission. May you fix yourself up so you can better focus on yours.

    mUch love
    PS - your photos are stunning and that 'U' has taken my breath away

  24. Oh boo...I hope you are feeling better soon, dearest. We too have all been Under the weather here. Not nice when the weather has been so glorious.

    Your photos continue to amaze and delight me every time, Gigi. The second one down in particular I love!

    Sending you warmest get-better-soon wishes.

    C x

  25. ...your pictures...your writing....

    thanks gigi for taking the time to stop by and leaveing the kind words for TEDDY..isn't he just the cutest? i cry when i look at him...i think we were meant to be....karmaworld is a strange place...the powers of the universe...

    sending love to you today, my sweet friend,

  26. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!
    I hope you are feeling better dear friend!

  27. U are so wonderfully talented in your writing and your photos as well as being a fabulous person! I hope you are feeling better soon, dear Gigi! xxoo :)

  28. i like what i find here. very much.

    its personal and real and very welcoming.

    hoping that under the weather state brings fresh perspective.

    just a thank you for commenting over at my place when james owens guest posted there.

    look forward to more of your words and photos.

  29. I like your under-the-daffodils perspective, such a good metaphor for so many things. What type of story are you writing? Is it a secret? I'd love to know more.

  30. Take care of yourself! I love these photos.... especially the water with the sun flare. Gorgeous! You are such a talented person.

  31. What beautiful photos! You always seem to capture the most beautiful light. I hope you are feeling better.

  32. oh gigi
    how fabulous!! u is for unbelievably awesome... and by that.. i mean U!!! :)

    okay, so do you have pics of your home? in the mill? have i missed a posting...

    gosh if only we could get a job visiting blogs and drooling over flickr...
    oh right, i have said that before... :) lol

    love to you! kim

  33. Hello my sweet, my best wishes to you and hope you are back up in no time.

    I love the photo's ... where you live seems romantic to me, I love it! I love how you have captured the building across from you.

    hugs DJ

  34. U for utterly fantastic photos. I love the sun flare and the photos of the canal. The daffodils too

  35. U is also for unbelievably beautiful, which is what your images are more and more often.


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